In California, Waze Carpool definitely has you covered

Waze is expanding its carpool service to cover the entire state of California, after successful trials in San Francisco, Sacramento, Monterey, and across Israel. The app identifies suitable commuters that live in between the driver’s home and work locations. The rider pays their share of the gas money in exchange for the ride, which currently […]

Lyft and nuTonomy announce self-driving R&D partnership

Uber rival Lyft and self-driving startup nuTonomy have announced on Tuesday a R&D partnership focused on the “end-to-end experience” of riders in autonomous vehicles. nuTonomy will work on the performance of the self-driving system and how it interacts with the rider, while Lyft will focus on the routing and booking of rides. In a press […]


Yandex unveils self-driving car concept for taxi service

Russian search giant Yandex unveiled a prototype self-driving car on Tuesday, which it plans to incorporate into its taxi service in the future. A heavily modified Toyota Prius V is the car of choice for Yandex. It has outfitted the prototype with sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence. Even though the prototype has not been on […]


You won’t be able to buy autonomous cars until 2026, says Ford

Autonomous cars might be road ready in less than five years, but it will take another decade before the general public are allowed to buy them, according to Ford’s head of research, Ken Washington. The comment adds to the growing fear that automakers will not sell autonomous vehicles to customers, instead relying on ride-sharing and […]


Volkswagen unveils your new self-driving “bar car” lounge concept

Volkswagen has introduced its own self-driving concept at the Geneva Motor Show, a blend of ride-hailing and ride-sharing without a steering wheel, pedal, or brake. The concept car, named Sedric, is a four seat mini-shuttle with Level 5 automated driving capabilities. That means it will be totally autonomous, with no human override controls. See Also: […]


How can advertisers target the emerging autonomous car industry?

Autonomous cars present a valuable opportunity for advertisers to grab the attention of potential consumers, who will no longer focus on driving the vehicle. As advertisers learned with mobile, there isn’t one correct way to approach a new platform, and things that worked in the past won’t always work in the future. With that in […]


Uber will not apply for autonomous car permit in California

Ride-hailing giant Uber said in a press conference it will not apply for California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) self-driving permit. The company disagreed with the DMV’s “legal interpretation of existing regulations,” according to Anthony Levandowski, founder of self-driving truck startup Otto and vice president of Uber’s Advanced Technologies division. See Also: Tesla upgrades AutoPilot […]


Will big carmaker brands survive the self-driving world?

In the near future, consumers might not choose a car based on its model or brand, but on the software and services connected to it, according to a new report from Lux Research. The report comes one week after Uber debuted its self-driving fleet in San Francisco, providing customers that can’t afford Tesla’s with their […]


Uber’s self-driving fleet in Pittsburgh goes live

Self-driving Volvo XC90 cars have entered into Uber’s taxi fleet, marking the first public ride-hailing test in the United States. The cars will be available to select customers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who will be able to ride in the cars for free. Uber has been testing cars in Pittsburgh for over a year, after poaching most of […]


Michigan legislators consider driverless car legalization

Michigan could become the first state to legalize driverless cars. A new Senate bill to amend the Michigan vehicle code calls for the approval of a system that enables “the motor vehicle to be operated without any control or monitoring by a human operator.” It would be the first state law that allows auto manufacturers […]


What will the interior of a self-driving car look like?

Self-driving cars should be on the road in the next five years, but apart from Mercedes Benz ‘Luxury in Motion’ concept, we haven’t seen a lot of heavily redesigned interiors. Faurecia, a French interior supplier partly owned by Peugeot Citroen, wants to be the first out of the gate with new and innovative interiors for […]


Grab goes with nuTonomy on Southeast Asian self-driving service

Grab, ofrmerly GrabTaxi, one of Uber’s main competitors in Southeast Asia, announced on Friday plans to partner with nuTonomy, a MIT spin out that last week received clearance to trial a self-driving shuttle service in Singapore’s one-north district. It provides Grab with a neutral partner in the self-driving battle, though neither firm can manufacture an […]


nuTonomy cabs ready for hailing in Singapore

MIT spin-out nuTonomy launched the first public trial of a self-driving taxi service in Singapore on Thursday, a few weeks before ride-hailing giant Uber launches its own service in Pittsburgh. The public trial will take place in the one-North subzone, a 2.5 square mile business district. Customers will be chosen by nuTonomy and the ride, […]


Get ready for a thermonuclear autonomous ride-hailing war

On Thursday, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced the company’s first autonomous car will arrive in 2021. That big news—even if the launch date is timid from the company that invented the first affordable car—but the even bigger story is a ride-hailing app will be the easiest (and cheapest) way to ride in the unnamed autonomous […]