IoT-weets: Argus looks at 2.3m+ IoT Twitter mentions

As more Internet of Things (IoT) products are found on more Americans’ wish lists – from the Amazon Echo to Fitbit wearables to Bosch refrigerators to Nest thermostats – the latest analysis from Argus Insights shows that most potential buyers’ conversations are heavily concentrated around “big data” concerns. Argus’  “State of the Internet of Things: What’s Leading Market Conversations” points out that as […]

Meet ZOE, the smart home hub taking on Amazon Echo

One of the more interesting products to appear in the IoT space of late is Protonet’s ZOE, a smart home hub that’s competing with Amazon’s Echo for the home market. You may remember Protonet as the company that broke the internet back in 2014 by crowdfunding $1 million in 89 minutes and completed the delivery too. […]


Arrayent debuts Nest-friendly EcoAdaptor for developers

Internet of Things (IoT) developer Arrayent has announced its first EcoAdaptor for the Works with Nest platform. The EcoAdaptor “reduces deployment time associated with the product certification process” for IoT developers looking to utilize Nest’s APIs and connect with smart home products. Arrayent will provide development and debugging tools to ensure that IoT developers receive […]

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Smart homes more hackable with weak IoT security

Smart homes’ connected technologies are leaving homeowners vulnerable to data and privacy theft, according to a new study that examined several common IoT consumer devices. IoTTech News reports that research by Romanian internet security software maker Bitdefender identified four common IoT products that were susceptible to cyber attack: WeMo switch, LinkHub, LIFX Bulb and the […]