Fiat Chrysler joins BMW, Intel self-driving consortium

Fiat Chrysler has joined BMW’s growing consortium of automakers, tech companies, and suppliers, all working together to accelerate the creation of semi-autonomous and driverless vehicles. Alongside Fiat and Chrysler, FCA owns the Jeep, Maserati, and Dodge car brands, covering almost all consumer vehicle sizes. That should allow the consortium to modify self-driving software down to […]


Continental rolls into BMW’s self-driving consortium

Continental said on Tuesday it has joined the self-driving consortium led by BMW, created to accelerate the development of autonomous systems for vehicles. The addition of Continental fills the consortium with everything it needs to develop a fully operational self-driving car. The German company is the second largest supplier of automotive parts by sales in […]


BMW self-drives to Level 5 autonomy by 2021?

German automaker BMW is confident it can field a car capable of Level 5 autonomy capabilities by 2021, the launch date for its first fully autonomous vehicle. Elmar Frickenstein, the senior vice president of autonomous driving at BMW, said as much during an automotive panel in Berlin. He also said that the car would have […]


Intel acquires driver assistance firm Mobileye for $15 billion

Chip giant Intel announced on Monday that it has acquired Mobileye for $15.3 billion, in an effort to remain a dominant player in the self-driving industry. Mobileye is one of the largest providers of driver assistance and collision prevention systems. It also started work on a camera, radar, and sensor system for self-driving vehicles, in […]

Mobileye and Delphi show off driverless car tech at CES 2017

Mobileye and Delphi demonstrated its autonomous driving system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The 6.3-mile drive previewed some of the autonomous functions that will be integrated into the Centralized Sensing Location and Planning (CSLP) system. It worked inside a tunnel, in the urban sprawl of Las Vegas, and […]


Lucid Motors partners with Mobileye for their autonomous car

Lucid Motors, a luxury car manufacturer from California, has chosen Mobileye as its main supplier for camera, radar, and lidar sensors, which will enable self-driving. The automaker is preparing to launch its first car, the Lucid Air, which will be fitted with eight cameras, radar and lidar sensors. Lucid will also use Mobileye’s Road Experience […]


Intel signs deal with Delphi to supply self-driving computing power

Intel will be the primary supplier of computing power inside Delphi’s self-driving system of the future. The two companies signed the deal on Monday, giving Intel another major partner in the auto industry. Delphi is making big moves in the self-driving industry, clearly trying to avoid becoming irrelevant in a future without humans driving. It […]


Tesla’s AutoPilot mixed signals forced Mobileye to bolt

A few weeks after the first self-driving fatality, in a Tesla Model S, Mobileye decided to sever ties with the electric car company. Tesla quickly piled on the story to make sure it had the narrative, the company said Mobileye couldn’t keep pace with updates and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said “parting ways […]


Mobileye and Delphi aim for autonomous tech by 2019

Component suppliers Mobileye and Delphi announced on Tuesday a new partnership, called Central Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP), that aims to have a driverless system road ready by the end of 2019. The two firms will share technology to build the driverless system, which we assume will be licensed to automotive manufacturers. Delphi will supply […]


BMW strikes autonomous car deal with Intel, Mobileye

BMW has announced a partnership with Intel and Mobileye, dedicated to building autonomous cars that are capable of a fully driverless mode. The alliance, announced on Friday at a joint news conference, shows the power dynamics shifting in the automotive industry. Instead of BMW requesting parts and software or sourcing it internally, as it would […]


Mobileye anti-collision tech becoming the go-to standard?

Though fully autonomous vehicles won’t be rolling out for another decade or two, equities analysts are already finding investment potential in Mobileye, the makers of new collision avoidance technology that is slated to become standard in most new cars. As reported by CNBC, Morgan Stanley’s lead automobile sector analyst was bullish on buying stock in Mobileye […]