nuTonomy comes home for self-driving car tests in Boston

nuTonomy announced on Monday that it would expand its self-driving tests to Boston, Massachusetts, after trialing the platform in Singapore for the past year. The startup, which originated as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spinoff, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the City of Boston and Massachusetts Department of Transportation to test its self-driving […]

Silver car speeding in tunnel

Boston seaport becoming a testbed for autonomous vehicles

Private parties owning lots in Boston’s┬áRaymond L. Flynn Marine Park have been enabling autonomous vehicle testing on their property for the past year. The land was paved, yet undeveloped. This made it a perfect testbed for autonomous vehicles. This enabled companies working to perfect autonomous car technologies to test their creations in a controlled environment […]


Massachusetts clearing a lane for self-driving cars

Massachusetts is a state known for its progressive government support of innovation and academe. But with the emergence of self-driving cars, government officials are being challenged to balance their role as tech industry boosters and that of regulatory watchdog in the name of public safety. According to, several Massachusetts government departments will soon convene […]