genesis content marketing

How Upstart Martech Firm Genesis is Reinventing Content Marketing with Guaranteed Results

Connecting with customers gets more difficult every year. New brands, social media channels, and distractions make attention the most valuable currency of all. Even for businesses with healthy pools of paying customers, connecting with those customers can be a frustrating experience. Here is how Genesis is reinventing content marketing — with guaranteed results. Businesses today […]

How to Maximize ROI When Partnering With an Outsourced CMO

Until recently, outsourcing was a tactic, not a strategy. Manufacturers that needed to cut labor costs contracted with factories abroad. Restaurants that didn’t want to deal with delivery partnered with groups like Grubhub. But according to Deloitte’s 2018 Global Outsourcing survey, “disruptive” outsourcing is the new normal. The report found that, among surveyed organizations considering […]

TV still a marketer's tool

Thanks Tech for Strategic Advantage on TV

It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way that people all around the world consume media. It’s been a disruption that has almost completely upended the broadcast and cable television industries and has already decimated the home movie rental industry (with the notable exception of Redbox, somehow). The rise of the internet as […]

martech complications

Has Martech Made Things Too Complicated?

The arrival of martech was heralded as the next stage of marketing. These platforms enabled marketers to gather endless reams of data so they could reconfigure their approach and boost their conversions. The theory was that the better businesses got to know their customers, the more appealing they could make their offers. What actually happened […]