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Who’s better than New York? No one, says smart city group

New York City has been awarded “Best Smart City 2016” at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. In the last year, New York City has pushed several smart city initiatives to the public and small businesses. The congress noticed the efforts of the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI). See Also: Sustainability […]

Newark starts smart-city small with a new kiosk

Though Newark, N.J.’s most sought-after piece of urban infrastructure may be the exit sign after landing at the airport, a new smart city kiosk project looks to make the city more welcoming. GCN says the City of Newark recently unveiled a  hi-tech kiosk as the first public project of its smart city strategy. The newly unveiled […]

NYC public wi-fi terminals learn tough lessons about the Internet

The Alphabet Inc. subsidiary focused on urban innovation, Sidewalk Labs, suffered a setback as porn and privacy concerns beset its investment in public web terminals on New York City streets. Bloomberg says the web-surfing component of the experimental LinkNYC project is being scaled back after four years. The project lead is CityBridge, a consortium of companies invested in by […]


New York’s sidewalks get a smart upgrade

New York is undergoing some interesting changes in the pedestrian world, having begun the installation of LinkNYC smart sidewalk kiosks throughout the city. These new sidewalk kiosks offer pedestrians free device charging and tablets for web browsing, along with a 911 call button and the ability to make phone calls. See Also:  Are smart citizens […]