Waymo picks ex-Tesla engineering chief to build them a driverless car

Google’s self-driving division Waymo has hired Satish Jeyachandran, the former director of hardware engineering at Tesla, a close competitor in the self-driving race. Jeyachandran will lead the hardware division, according to Bloomberg, focused on building Lidar, radar, cameras, sensors, and silicon for the company’s self-driving cars. See Also: Waymo working on competitor to Uber’s self-driving […]

Scan this leaders’ list from the growing world of LiDAR startups

LiDAR — yes, it sounds like a tool that any professional journalist covering politicians should carry with them. Unfortunately for political reporters everywhere, LiDAR doesn’t detect fibs. Instead, it stands for Light Detection and Ranging, and it’s a critical technology for self-driving cars. That makes it a particularly appealing product category for startups looking to […]


Uber lawsuit goes to trial, after judge rules in Waymo’s favor

Waymo, Google’s self-driving division, has been granted permission to take Uber to trial in a trade secrets lawsuit. Judge William Alsup ruled that Uber could not settle the lawsuit through private arbitration, which would have avoided the lawsuit details becoming public. Anthony Levandowski, an ex-Google engineer in the self-driving division, has been accused of stealing […]


Toyota research division unveils first autonomous test vehicle

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) unveiled its first autonomous test vehicle this week at the Prius challenge event in Sonoma, California. The Japanese automaker will modify the Lexus LS 600hL, outfitting it with LIDAR, radar, cameras, and other sensors to recognize all objects and movement on the road. See Also: Boston seaport becoming a testbed for […]


Ford pumps up Velodyne; will double Silicon Valley team in a year

Automotive giant Ford has pledged to double the size of its Silicon Valley team by the end of 2017 and also invested $75 million into Velodyne, which sells LiDAR (light imaging, detection, and ranging) sensors for cars. The dual announcements show an increase in commitment to technology inside cars, especially autonomous tech. Ford is behind […]

Ford’s autonomous vehicle work opens wallet for Civil Maps

Ford recently announced it invested alongside others in a $6.6 million round for California startup Civil Maps, a firm that is using AI-driven smart mapping software for self-driving cars. Ford executives know that self-driving cars are going to happen — they have over 100 experts trying to perfect the self-driving car — and they want in […]

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Will lasers allow driverless cars to run dark?

Self-driving cars use a number of different technologies to “see” the world around them. One of them is LIDAR, and some believe it could be the solution to the ever-present problem of light pollution that is plaguing cities. Unfortunately, the idea of driving with your headlights off and using laser-guidance as your primary and potentially […]