apps for cars

Apps for Cars – How Viable is the Idea and Where are We Headed?

Did you know that every second, 127 new devices get connected to the internet? Of course, we know this phenomenon as the Internet Of Things. According to research, 20.4 billion IoT (internet of things) devices will be online by 2020. The emergence of IoT will revolutionize a lot of industries, disrupting the way we perceive […]

iot sensors

How do IoT Sensors Work?

The last few decades have experienced dramatic changes in the world of computers, software, and computing technology. As an engineer, it is fascinating to be a part of an era that boasts huge amounts of computing power. The most popular ones are personal computers, laptops, hand-held devices like smartphones and smart-watches. It has become impossible […]

Top 5 Areas Where Companies Want IoT Solutions

Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) are widespread. Technology gurus say it’s billions and billions of connected devices that make IoT so ubiquitous and powerful. Regardless of the greatness of IoT, the question should be how much of it is relevant to enterprises. Here are the top five areas where companies want IoT Solutions. Consumer […]