Why IoT Needs an Open Ecosystem to Succeed

Imagine if the internet had been built as a closed ecosystem controlled by a small set of organizations. It would look very different from the internet we know and rely on today. Perhaps this alternate version would run on a pay-per-use model, or lack tools and services that have been developed over the years by […]

How Will Artificial Intelligence Shape Up the Future of the Internet

The future where people can delegate mundane tasks to a machine is not far from happening. From starting the laundry down to cooking dinner after a long day is about to be over. Artificial Intelligence has really helped shape our internet today. After all, we can already communicate with virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and […]


Moving Towards web3.0 Using Blockchain as Core Tech

The invention of Bitcoin and blockchain technology sets the foundations for the next generations of web applications. The applications which will run on peer to peer network model with existing networking and routing protocols. The applications where centralized Servers would be obsolete and data will be controlled by the entity whom it belongs, i.e., the […]

iiot in farming

Farm to Fridge: an industrial IoT (IIoT) love story

One of the great parts of my job is talking to industrial technologists from a wide variety of businesses. I had an interesting conversation recently with some people from a large dairy. Forget whatever image you may have; today’s large commercial dairies are extremely sophisticated enterprises that are always looking for new ways to leverage […]


City of Boston calls for IoT projects grounded in reality

The City of Boston is calling all Internet of Things (IoT) developers to submit ideas on how to improve the quality of life for citizens. A request for information (RFI) published earlier this month calls on IoT developers to skip the “glossy presentation” and actual identify areas where improvements can be made. See Also: India […]


T-Mobile and Twilio pairing up to connect on IoT

Cloud communications platform Twilio has announced a new cellular network partnership with U.S. cellular giant T-Mobile, called Twilio Programmable Wireless, which will provide data, SMS, and voice communications to connected devices. Announced at SIGNAL, a developer conference on communications, the partnership expands Twilio’s platform to devices outside of Wi-Fi range, which require constant Internet service. […]


Racist hack forces thousands of printers to spew nasty flyers

Infamous black hat and Internet troll Andrew Auernheimer is up to his usual tricks, this time exploiting thousands of unsecure internet-connected printers and forcing them to spew out racist propaganda flyers. He discovered that printers with port 9100 exposed can print anything you want, after you add a small postscript file to the port. After […]