Fitbit looks to health industry for future growth

After disappointing first quarter sales, Fitbit is making a move for the wearable health market. The company said it has a device in development that will be able to detect sleep apnea, a disorder that affects around 18 million American adults. Symptoms of sleep apnea include pauses in breathing, shallow breathing during sleep, and tiredness […]


Will smart pills help remind patients to take their medicine?

One of the biggest issues in the United States when it comes to medication is patients refusing to take their pills or forgetting the correct dose, but new smart pills that track and alert patients may improve the percentage of people sticking to their plans. That’s what Proteus Digital Health is hoping will happen with […]

Are health wearables passing their physical?

Are health wearables passing their physical?

Wearables are available in all shapes and sizes, from the inconspicuous Fitbit Zip to the immediately noticeable Apple Watch. One factor that connects most of them, apart from the ability to tell the time, is fitness and health tracking. The health features are basic at the moment, but might not be for long, according to […]