Nissan to start European autonomous car tests in London

Japanese automaker Nissan has said it will start autonomous car tests in London next month, as it looks to branch out its self-driving program to European roads. A modified version of the Nissan Leaf, the company’s compact electric car, will be tested on public roads in the UK’s capital. It comes a few months after […]


Euro firms want EU to get up to speed on self-driving

European automakers and telecom firms have asked the EU Commission to fund a four-year driverless project, which will take place across several EU countries. It is the first cross-country driverless project in Europe, backed by Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, BMW, and Renault, alongside other firms associated with ACEA, CLEPA, ETNO, ECTA, and GSMA. See Also: Accenture […]

Will Europe beat the U.S. in smart city innovation?

Though Europe is currently battered by a refugee crisis, economic laggards and Britain’s potential exit, some argue that its future smart cities will still be more innovative than those in the US. In the global entrepreneurial landscape, the EU has a reputation as an overly bureaucratic, risk averse zone with poorer access to venture capital […]


Visa wearable at Eurovision gets you access, beer and sausages

Visa Europe plans to launch a new temporary wearable at the Eurovision Song Contest, which allows attendees to purchase goods during the event Stockholm, Sweden. The wearable will be available for purchase at the Eurovision village and will work with any provider that supports near field communication (NFC); also known as contactless payment. Users will […]


Europe’s largest railway wants to self-drive you home

Commuters in Germany may be able to order an autonomous car to help them arrive at the train station on time. Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway service in Europe, has started tests aimed at helping commuters on the “final mile” of their trip, which can often be the most strenuous. See Also: Will elderly and […]


Qualcomm sees IoT and 5G driving European DSM

For Europe to remain a technological leader it needs to ensure the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G systems are allowed to become the foundation that future wireless standards are built on, according to Qualcomm Technologies Inc. In an Euractiv editorial, Qualcomm’s Wassim Chourbaji, writes that Europe’s ambitious Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy aims to […]


PSA Group hits the self-driving road from Paris to Amsterdam

Last week, two modified Citroën C4 Picasso cars drove all the way from Paris to Amsterdam in “eyes-off” mode, the third and highest level of car automation currently sanctioned on a few European roads. The 300km drive was part of demonstration by the PSA Group — the shared company of Citroën, Peugeot, and DS Automobiles […]


EMnify Brings German Innovation To IoT

Germany has been long considered a country of scientific, technological and engineering innovation. This is reflected in the strength of  IoT technology which extends far beyond the automobile industry.  Keen to get a feel for an insider’s perspective, I met with Martin Giess, EMnify co-founder and Chief Technology Officer and Frank Stoecker, EMnify co-founder and CEO. EMnify […]