Advantages And Risks Of Cloud Computing Regarding Security

Customers of cloud computing need to be assured that providers apply appropriate security practices to mitigate the risks they both face. They need this guarantee to be able to make good business decisions and to maintain or obtain safety certificates. An initial symptom of this need for assurance is that numerous cloud providers are bombarded […]

Europe, Japan team boost smart cities with open data project

A new EU-Japan collaboration looks to take smart cities to the next level with a cloud-based open data platform. Telecom Paper recently reported on the summer launch of the research project “City Platform-as-a-Service – integrated and open,” or for short. The EU-funded initiative is a partnership between government and private sector players in Japan […]

Will these Chinese satellites provide “hack-proof” data security?

China has launched a quantum-encrypted satellite that could prove a major cybersecurity breakthrough if it proves truly “hack proof.” The implications of the recent satellite launch was came via Abu Dhabi-based The National. The experimental technology in question is the Quantum Experiments at Space Scale, or QUESS satellite, which is component of a space programme under […]

IaaS drives up U.S. fed cloud spending by 25%

U.S. federal government spending on cloud computing jumped 25% in the past three years, driven by infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) investment. An article by Nextgov discusses the finding of a recent report by big data analysis firm Govini that shows strong cloud spending. This follows an earlier report that government spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Singapore’s GemPower speeds smart sustainability via IoT

GemPower Cloud is a Singapore-based joint venture that aims to accelerate smart city growth by speeding the enabling of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The firm announced the joint venture between People Power China, a cloud and mobile services provider for IoT, and Singapore-based Gem Weltronics that makes green technology solutions. The GemPower venture aims to […]

“Banking of Things” zeroes in on data from devices,  cloud computing

Financial services are aspiring to develop the “banking of things” through new streams of data created by devices and cloud computing. A recent article by American Banker explored various facets of banking that was being impacted by the emergence of new connected devices that are creating data at a furious pace. Indeed some industry experts […]

Space-Time Insights aims for the IIoT cloud with GoFactory

In a bid to bolster its cloud capacities, Space‐Time Insight bought San Francisco-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) startup GoFactory for an undisclosed amount. San Mateo-based Space-Time said the acquisition will boost its real-time visual analytics by adding GoFactory’s industry expertise and IIoT technologies. This follows another recent cloud computing acquisition, where Samsung bought Joyent […]


Samsung buys Joyent to kick off $1.2 billion investment in U.S.

Samsung is pumping up its cloud-based capabilities with the acquisition of San Francisco-based Joyent for an undisclosed amount. Information Week reports that Joyent’s private and public cloud computing services will support the South Korean electronics giant’s Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and cloud-based lines of business. “Samsung evaluated a wide range of potential companies in […]