First U.S.-Canada border self-driving test to take place soon

The first autonomous border crossing is set to take place in the next few months. Auto manufacturer Continental and vehicle supplier Magna plan to send two self-driving vehicles from southeastern Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario, according to Engadget. Parts of the route will be handled by human drivers, but the team hope most of it to […]

Canadian firms launch platform to secure IoT with blockchain

Two Canadian tech firms are developing secure Internet of Things (IoT) communications using blockchain technology. The Waterloo Record reports on the partnership between Waterloo-based Terepac Corp. and Toronto’s Nuco Inc. The two firms recently launched a platform to secure internet-connected IoT devices using blockchain. Blockchain technology, upon which Bitcoin was built, provides secure, tamper-proof communications […]

Canadian IoT market is the new killing it

Canadian business is implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology faster than expected in order to cut costs and boost productivity. BetaKit’s article covered the recent IDC report “The Internet of Things: Get Ready to Embrace Its Impact on the Digital Economy.” It found that Canadian adoption of IoT was running at more rapid rates than […]


Privacy enforcement chiefs bringing IoT in for a few questions

The Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) is putting the Internet of Things (IoT) world in its crosshairs during its 2016 global privacy “Sweep.” The group – a worldwide union of national privacy and law enforcement agencies seeking to tackle transnational privacy and data security issues – said they plan to vet all sorts of manufacturers on data privacy […]

self-driving truck

How about a self-driving highway – from Canada to Mexico?

Having a highway dedicated to self-driving cars might improve testing while also allowing early adopters 1,885 miles of road to drive on unhindered. That’s what one North Dakota resident, Marlo Anderson, is arguing. Anderson runs a talk show called ‘The Tech Ranch,” and is backed by the Central North Trade Corridor Association (CNATCA), who want […]

Canada’s health wearables coming in from cold

Canada’s own version of Silicon Valley for fitness and health wearables is flourishing along the tri-city corridor of Montreal, Toronto, and Waterloo. The close proximity of these cities to the U.S. has allowed cutting edge wearables makers to quietly develop and test-drive technologies in Canada before launching them on the much-larger American consumer market. However, […]


Canadian IIoT startups reborn in wake of oil crash

The fast-growing Canadian Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised to exceed USD$4.9 billion by 2018. However, if Canadian industrial IoT (IIoT) is to aspire to such lofty heights, the industry must navigate several challenges  – like a low dollar environment that can be both a blessing and a curse. In a 2015 report, International […]