How to use emotion AI for all the right reasons

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows, its ability to understand and respond to your emotions is key. If machines, robots, and technology are to make better, more contextual judgments of human behaviors, the next step is ultimately Emotion AI. While emotion AI enhances the human computer interaction, enables brands to gain emotional insight in real-time and […]

How Zappar promotes brands with awesome AR technology

Brands are starting to realize the power of using AR to promote and provide content — AR is totally different from traditional marketing in that it is more creative and arguably more interesting. Because not all companies have sufficient time or resources to recruit a crew focusing on AR marketing, start-ups that combine AR technology and marketing […]

Will IoT-driven brand experiences keep the taps flowing?

Instead of simply quaffing booze, beverage companies want partiers to experience brands, and are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to introduce drinking 2.0. Marketing Week reports that drinks maker Pernod Ricard is increasingly using IoT in its marketing efforts for its products. And while talking to your drink at the bar was previously a warning sign, […]