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Autonomous Cars Will Need “Autonomous Maintenance” Solutions

Competition has begun heating up as to who will be the first one to operate a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles, as demonstrated again by recent announcements from General Motors (GM) and Uber.  However, a lot of work is still needed to allow such vehicles to roam freely throughout our city centers, neighborhoods and freeways, […]


Microsoft to power Baidu’s self-driving project outside of China

Microsoft has agreed to power Baidu’s open source self-driving project outside of China, adding its Azure cloud infrastructure to the growing list of resources connected to the project. Baidu announced its intention to open source the project, named Apollo, in April. It has since signed up leading Chinese car manufacturers Chery Auto and Great Wall […]


Chinese government wants country to be AI leader by 2030

The Chinese government has released a three-step blueprint, showing how it intends to become the leader in artificial intelligence development and deployment by 2030. The State Council, the chief administrative authority in China, published the plan last week. See Also: WeChat’s director of user growth talks up new features for overseas clients China will look […]


Key Baidu exec leaves to create own AI startup

Andrew Ng, a co-founder of Coursera and Baidu chief scientist for three years, has left the company to create his own AI startup, called Deeplearning.ai. Ng has been a prominent face at Baidu, helping the company’s expansion into artificial intelligence and autonomous cars. In his leaving message, Ng said that he wanted to create an […]


Does Baidu want to be the Android of self-driving?

Chinese search giant Baidu announced on Wednesday that it has open sourced its self-driving technology, through a new project named Apollo. Automakers will be able to look at reference designs for self-driving sensors and use Baidu’s software, which includes a cloud data service to transmit 3D maps and traffic updates to the car. See Also: […]

Baidu: Hackers tried to steal our autonomous trade secrets

Chinese search giant Baidu has disclosed that a “gang” of hackers tried to steal autonomous trade secrets from the company’s internal servers earlier this month. The company is conducting an internal investigation to figure out more about the attackers, but so far has kept tight lipped on details. “It’s very difficult to know who employs […]

BMW and Baidu break up, cite irreconcilable self-driving differences

BMW and Baidu have ended their two year self-driving partnership, citing “irreconcilable differences” between the two companies. Baidu said it will start to look for a new automaker to take over BMW’s role as manufacturer for its self-driving system. For now, it will use Ford’s Lincoln cars in the United States and BYD, Chery, and […]

Which cities are leading the autonomous car revolution?

Many places claim they welcome driverless car prototypes on their streets, but an elite group of cities are proving to be all-in with autonomous vehicles. In a commentary on Fortune.com, Luís Bettencourt discusses which cities have fully embraced driverless cars. The Santa Fe Institute professor of complex systems also weighs the revolutionary impacts this technology […]


Baidu unveils its own all-electric self-driving car

Baidu plans to swap the modified BMW 3-series that its been using since the start of its self-driving tests for a modified Chery EQ, a small four-door hatchback manufactured in China. The fully-electric car has already entered the fleet, according to a Baidu spokesperson speaking to Business Insider. Not much else is known about the […]

Uber China merging with Didi in $35 billion deal

Uber China merging with Didi in $35 billion deal

After investing billions of dollars in the Chinese market, and failing to turn a profit, Uber China is merging with its biggest competition in the region, Didi Chuxing. This deal, which is set to grow Didi’s valuation to a healthy $35 billion, will improve profitability as the two companies will be able to combine their […]


Baidu wants you to tour China by autonomous car

Visitors to Wuzhen, a scenic town close to Shanghai, may be able to book an autonomous car ride from their hotel to various tourist spots in the near future. The autonomous cars will be supplied by Baidu, the Chinese search giant that has been working on self-driving for two years now. It announced a partnership […]

China’s Li touts IoT, sharing economy as growth drivers

Amid concerns about the economic slowdown in China, Premier Li Keqiang said his country is seeking new growth in emerging technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) and self-driving vehicles. As reported by CNBC, Li gave a wide-ranging speech at the recent World Economic Forum (WEF) in Tianjin that emphasized the importance digital technologies will […]


Baidu looks to mass produce self-driving fleet quickly

Marking a heightening of interest in autonomous vehicle technology, China’s largest search engine Baidu announced plans to mass-produce self-driving cars within five years Forbes reported in an article that Baidu’s senior vice president Wang Jing announced that his firm is planning to launch autonomous vehicles simultaneously in multiple countries within five years. This indicates a […]


Self-driving car market worth trillions by 2030?

As the world’s biggest players in IT and the car makers dive frantically into self-driving cars, a new report estimates this market will grow to an astonishing $2.6 trillion annually within 15 years. The site Gas2.org reports the startling growth prospects for self-driving cars revealed in a new Mogran Stanley report led by Katy Huberty. […]


Baidu building a self-driving team in Silicon Valley

The Chinese web search giant Baidu is looking to expand its autonomous car program to the United States by bringing a 100-person team to Silicon Valley. This puts it in the same space – and now, same neighborhood – as its closest American equivalent, Google. Baidu isn’t a household name here in the United States, […]


Will elderly and disabled gain most from autonomous cars?

The future of autonomous vehicles might give millions of elderly and disabled citizens a chance at driving, but new draft regulations released in December by the state of California point to a long battle for fully driverless cars on the road. Google’s director of the self-driving project, Chris Urmson, said he was disappointed in the […]


Detroit Auto Show to launch an all-autonomous spin-off in 2017

After swamping the Detroit Auto Show for the past two years, event directors have decided to debut an autonomous spin-off show in 2017, called AutoMobili-D. The event will be held in Cobo Center Atrium in Detroit, Michigan on Jan 8, according to Boston Free Press. The atrium offers a 120,000 square-foot space and indoor test […]


China’s LeEco unveils its own concept self-driving electric car

China’s LeEco unveiled its own self-driving electric car concept at a Beijing press conference earlier today, adding to the laundry list of products currently produced by the “Netflix of China”. LeEco chief executive Jia Yueting demoed some of the self-driving capabilities at the event, including driving and parking. Yueting controlled the car through voice commands […]