Nvidia Inception Program

Autonomous Cars Will Need “Autonomous Maintenance” Solutions

Competition has begun heating up as to who will be the first one to operate a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles, as demonstrated again by recent announcements from General Motors (GM) and Uber.  However, a lot of work is still needed to allow such vehicles to roam freely throughout our city centers, neighborhoods and freeways, […]


Audi and Nvidia commit to road-ready driverless car by 2020

Nvidia and Audi confirmed plans to have a road-ready driverless car by 2020 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas. The driverless car will have Level 4 capability, meaning it is able to work without a driver or steering wheel. Before that, Audi will launch the first Level 3 autonomous car, which […]

Industry 4.0

4 ways Industry 4.0 will look different in 2017

It’s been a big year for Industrial IoT — or Industry 4.0 — as both long-term established companies and start-ups have worked to find solutions to problems that have plagued traditional workplaces for many years. Underlying aims have included increased efficiency, improved supply chains, reduced waste and greater safety and speed. Amidst an advancing ecosystem […]


Mark your calendars: 2021 will be huge for autonomous cars

Ford revealed on Tuesday its intention to launch a fully autonomous car in 2021. Speaking at Ford’s research lab in Palo Alto, California, CEO Mark Fields said the company plans to launch a “level four vehicle, which means it won’t have a steering wheel, gas or brake pedal.” It is the first public statement from […]


Will autonomous cars kill motorsports?

Audi’s Formula E race driver Lucas Di Grassi warned fans of impending doom to motorsport if autonomous cars become commonplace, at the FIA Sports Conference in Turin, Italy. “The threat we face in motorsport is autonomous vehicles,” said Di Grassi. “In the future, people in general will lack the experience of normal driving on the […]


Is NVIDIA outpacing Apple, Google with its self-driving tech?

As the race to master self-driving car technology accelerates, some investors say Tesla Motors partner NVIDIA Corp. may have the edge over competitors Apple and Google. According to Investors Business Daily, Wedbush Securities analyst Betsy Van Hees sees Santa Clara, Calif.-based NVIDIA as nearing a breakthrough that will bring autonomous vehicles to the next level. Van […]


Who is at the head of the connected car class?

Germany’s “Big Three” automakers, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, are leaders in connected car features and user friendly experience, according to a new study that looks at the usage of connectivity in cars. Market research firm TNS and BearingPoint Institute came to this conclusion after conducting a study of 3,700 connected car owners in seven European countries. […]

Audi wants to humanize its autonomous car

The latest update to Audi’s A7 autonomous prototype car, named Jack, adds human-like functionality to make the car seem less robotic. Audi implemented the new functions to give trucks and other large vehicles more room when passing them on the road, alongside moving closer to the edge of the lane before turning signals on to […]


Samsung hones in on self-driving chip business

South Korean mobile giant Samsung now has an entire division working day in, day out on chips for self-driving cars, in an effort to push aside competitors and become the go-to supplier in this booming market. The team is mainly researchers from Samsung’s semiconductor and sensor division, according to The Korea Herald, which cites a […]

Toyota works on connected cars deep in heart of Texas

Toyota has announced plans to open a new division called Toyota Connected in the United States, focused on building new car technology and humanizing technology added into cars. The new division will be located in Plano, Texas, and will employ around 100 people. Toyota has purchased a 20,000 square foot factory to test the new […]

Google: Relax car dealers, don’t fear self-driving cars

Google: Relax car dealers, don’t fear self-driving cars

Google has assured car dealers that the onset of self-driving cars is a positive, not a negative. Speaking at the J.D. Power Automotive Forum, John Krafcik, CEO of Google’s self-driving car project, said self-driving cars will clock more hours than standard cars, which makes dealers more important than ever before. “Self driving cars are going to […]

INRIX pings – then helps you avoid – millions of cars

INRIX has relaunched a completely redesigned version of its INRIX Traffic app that harnesses a network of over 275 million vehicles and other sensors to make your commute that much easier. Available worldwide today – in both iOS and Android flavors – INRIX Traffic learns your preferences to take the guesswork out of driving. It […]