How To Build And Launch Your Own Satellite [VIDEO]

Do you have a burning scientific question that can be answered only by putting a satellite into orbit? You’re in luck. It’s now feasible to do just that, using only off-the-shelf technology, in a design called a CubeSat. It’ll run you around $50,000. For university, commercial or government projects, this new price point is a game changer.

Video: Watch Cosmonauts Toss A 20-Pound Satellite Overboard

Video: Watch Cosmonauts Toss A 20-Pound Satellite Overboard

Russian cosmonauts tossed a 20-pound spherical satellite overboard on Monday. Scientists will track the 21-inch target to test techniques for monitoring junk objects in orbit. The treacherous cloud of space junk threatens to take out the satellites that drive GPS, broadcast, remote imaging, and other functions. Canadian satellite watcher…

NASA Expanding Into Apps, More Video Games

When Mars rover Curiosity touched down Sunday, August 5th, it was more than a technological triumph for the space agency; it was another victory in a four-year-old social-media campaign that has expanded to Google+ Hangouts, Angry Birds and Xbox 360 Kinect games and, in the future, maybe mission-specific apps.