The Dark Side Of The Online Struggle Against Plagiarism

College students are under a lot of pressure, what with classes, resident activities, helicopter parents and a none-too-rosy job market waiting for them after graduation. Add the ease of cut-and-paste to the need to grab the almighty A and it’s no surprise that many students turn to plagiarism. Unfortunately, I’ve seen that the technological war…

Brain Training: Taking A Look At Lumosity

An unusual idea for improving mental capabilities continues to gain investments and fans. I might be one of the new fans, too. A small firm called Lumosity says that in the last year, it has doubled — to 25 million — the number of people subscribing to its cognitive games.

Why Wikipedia Doesn’t Belong In The Classroom

Wikipedia’s stated goal to be a neutral fact-based encyclopedia has enabled it to accumulate an incredible amount of useful information. But the service’s very nature makes it unsuitable for classroom use in the minds of many teachers and professors – no matter how much students want to rely on it. 

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Student Software Contest Holds Lessons for Startups

The 10th annual student software contest, Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, is wrapping up in Sydney, Australia, and there are some important lessons that all entrepreneurs, young and old, can glean from the process. The contest challenges hundreds of thousands of people – mostly college students – from around the world to come up with a new idea, code it…

ReadWriteWeb DeathWatch: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble remains a big player in a growing industry, and until Google changed everything this week, it made fantastic hardware for the money. But as with Nokia, a changing market and financial problems are driving a proud Number Two into a subordinate role that threatens to choke it out of existence.

Bandwidth Bottlenecks Stifle Pervasive Networks

If pervasive networks, cloud computing and big data are going to deliver on their promise – to make increasingly vast quantities of information always available and understandable – something is going to have to be done about existing network architecture bottlenecks.

How the iPad Is Changing Education

The iPad may only be two years old, but it’s already begun to change many things. Reading is one of them. Work is another. It is selling like crazy, but it will be some time before most of the people you know own a tablet.

The market for this type of device may only be in its infancy, but it’s already becoming clear how it will revolutionize…

Solving College With Big Data

College is stuck in the past, and tech is always trying to tow it out of the mud. The trick is finding a solution that provides more access to higher education, improves the learning experience, and enables future improvement, instead of miring college in some company’s proprietary system. Coursera has such an offering, and it announces today…

How Preteens Use Web Apps to Collaborate

Teenagers aren’t the only ones on the Internet. Preteens, which we are classifying as kids ages 9-12, are growing up with easy access to smartphones, tablets and, most importantly, the Internet. Preteens can loosely be categorized as Generation *C*, which means they’re using the Internet and apps to create, collaborate and communicate.

“I’m seeing…

A Museum Math Exhibit That Has Withstood the Test of Time

If you weren’t old enough to remember the 1964 New York World’s Fair, you still have a chance to see one of the more wonderful exhibits that has stood the test of time and can be found lurking in the corners of a few major science museums around the world. In the exhibit, you ascend into an egg-shaped theater showing a multimedia presentation…

How Parents Can Help Their Preteens Navigate the Social Web

Every day the Internet is becoming a more ingrained part of preteens’ lives, especially preteens who haven’t yet hit Facebook’s 13-years-old age requirement. How can parents get an idea of what their kids are doing online while still engendering an environment of love and trust? Much of this relies on parents being open with kids about types of…

KidReports Shows You What Your Kids Do When You’re Away

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you have a sudden pang in your side. What is my two-year-old doing right now?, you wonder. You want to know, but you don’t want to be one of those annoying parents who phone the daycare facility every hour. And really, you’re busy – you don’t want to know every single thing the kid does.

In our always-on…