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chatbot persona

The Ultimate Guide On How To Develop Your Bot Persona?

Every bot has a voice, but does every bot have a personality? Do bots even need a persona? It’s no secret that conversational interfaces make conversational interfaces enjoyable, but what do you think? Conversation interfaces are created for better interactions between humans and machines. When the conversations are human-like, the experience becomes more interesting when […]

social media influencers

Word-of-Mouth Marketing in 2020: The Power of Social Media Influencers

The power of influencer marketing is multidimensional, as it simultaneously affects different aspects of brand success: exposure, reputation, audience engagement, customer loyalty, and conversions. Influencer marketing is a way to tell your company’s story to the millions simultaneously through the mouths of those who already have the ear of your target audience. Here is word-of-mouth […]

contract review automation

How Covid-19 Made Contract Review Automation a Risk-Management Must

Enterprise legal teams struggle to make time for lunch, much less contract review. They’re turning to automation, not just to get their lunch break back, but to address risky clauses automatically. Here is how COVID-19 made contract review automation (CRA) a risk-management must. CRA monitors contract activity based on predefined internal legal policies to protect […]

virtual conferences

How I Learned to Love Virtual Conferences

User conferences are vital to any organization, and they are especially important for smaller, growing companies. Companies engage with users to demonstrate the value of their products, and users provide candid feedback and practical knowledge. Here’s how I learned to love virtual conferences. I have a lot of experience running, speaking, and engaging at conferences. […]

What Hacks Do Amazon Sellers Use To Dominate The Marketplace?

What Hacks Do Amazon Sellers Use to Dominate the Marketplace?

Amazon Prime alone relish more than 54 million individuals and tallying. If Prime were a nation, it would have 8,000,000 more individuals than Spain and be the 27th generally crowded on the planet. Those are simply the Amazon Prime family. This vast figure simply ensures that Amazon isn’t going anywhere. With endless vendors in the […]

Does Modern Tech Demand an “Information Diet?”

The miracle of modern technology is that it provides us with all the information we ever wanted—and then some. In the span of a few seconds, you can easily learn facts about science, history, and other subjects. You can send a message to people all over the world. And you can gather the latest details […]


How to Find Inspiration During the Post-Quarantine Burnout

I remember finding myself completely collapsed after another missed deadline right before my favorite day of the year — my birthday. In October last year, I worked as a content writer at (and I still do). Aside from that, I was picking up some freelance projects from time to time. Also, I was attending […]

creative brainstorming

How Startup Founders Should Practice Creative Brainstorming

Creativity is an underrated skill in the world of entrepreneurship, in part because it’s hard to exercise deliberately. We think of the biggest breakthrough ideas as being the byproduct of a coincidental flash of inspiration — not the final product of a focused creative brainstorming session. There’s an important takeaway from this idea. You can’t […]

dependency management

How important is Dependency Management?

Let’s envision a common morning routine that most people can relate to. Imagine that you have an important presentation early in the morning. You get up half an hour earlier than you are prone to. You get out of bed, yawning, and go straight to the shower. You come out and notice the day to […]

social injustice and brands

The Pandemic, Social Injustice and the Roles Brands Need to Play

In 2018, a survey of global consumers determined that almost two-thirds of customers preferred to do business with companies that stood for a purpose. Consumers want a company that reflects their personal values and beliefs as opposed to organizations that do not. Here is the pandemic, social injustice and the roles brands need to play. […]

programming languages

Top 10 Programming Languages to Become an AI Developer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undergoing a period of intense growth after being stagnant for years. A career path in AI has become a very appealing choice for individuals interested in data science and software engineering, with the demand for AI skilled professionals increasing over these recent years. Here are the top ten programming languages to […]

on-the-go banking security

The Bank in Your Pocket: Meeting Consumer Demand for Secure, On-the-Go Financial Services

As more banking executives strive to accommodate consumers across all channels, shadow IT practices create major cybersecurity risks. A proprietary solution is critical to maintaining deep client relationships while ensuring information security — and meeting the demands for the future of digital banking. Not surprisingly, digital banking is on the rise as many Americans stay […]

What To Do When WordPress Fails

At 19% of overall website CMS market share, WordPress is the proverbial elephant in the room. But, WordPress is not without its warts. As the dominant player in the market, hackers are more likely to create malware and nefarious code insertions on a content management system that is more ubiquitous. Hacking WordPress is a numbers […]

ai software development

How AI is Transforming Software Development

As bright minds with unique ideas embrace and involve in an industry and trending technologies, radical transformation is inevitable. According to a recent survey, AI tools globally are expected to reach US$119 Billion by 2025. Tech giants are embracing AI to build innovative software to be future-ready. Let’s find out more about how AI is […]