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H-1B visa freeze

Why the H-1B Visa Freeze Puts the Tech Sector in Jeopardy

On June 22, President Trump signed an executive order temporarily suspending visas like H-1Bs. The ban seeks to ensure that there are open positions for American workers, citing COVID-related job losses. Without H-1B visa holders, though, the U.S. tech industry could face some considerable new challenges. An H-1B is a work visa for workers in […]

cellular connectivity

Cellular Connectivity Will Revolutionize Industry 4.0

Few manufacturing trends in recent years are as buzzworthy or as promising as Industry 4.0. This data-driven industrial revolution promises to make factories a safer and more efficient place, but today’s technology can’t see it through. While currently connected factories are a marked improvement, manufacturing needs better cellular connectivity to experience Industry 4.0 in full. […]


URGOnight: New Sleep Device to Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep has been more difficult in recent years for many people due to a more hectic life and greater life stresses. Now, with the recent pandemic, sleep has become even more elusive for some. While there are sleep assist apps already available, nothing quite matches the unique approach to improved sleep quality like URGONight. Recently, […]

remote environments

How to Enable Successful Remote Environments

Work-life has changed drastically and unpredictably since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly everyone that can work from home has done so, and with little time to prepare. While this is non-traditional remote work experience, many business leaders are considering supporting remote work permanently – at least in some capacity – as we emerge […]

multichannel marketing

How to Optimize Multichannel Marketing for 2020

Multichannel marketing remains one of the most purposeful and effective methods to streamline customer interactions. Meeting your business expectations takes an understanding of the key factors that influence one of the most trusted and cohesive methods used in marketing today. Multichannel marketing can help generate revenue through cross-channel communication, including digital commerce, social media, mobile […]

how to make social media app

How to Make a Social Media App

Does the open need another web-based media application? That is one of the consuming inquiries on the startup authors’ brains when they ricocheted making one. Evidently, TikTok has reacted with a reverberating yes. The quickly developing application has gathered more than 800 million clients worldwide without any indications of halting. Facebook, with more than 2.4 […]

marketing strategies

Marketing Strategies for Businesses to Stay Afloat During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has ended up causing financial ruin across the world. Names like Rolls-Royce, Airbnb, and Zara, among several others, have had to scale back their operations. Chances are they’ll have to face further losses before the pandemic finally recedes. Large and small enterprises are increasingly worried about their futures. Here are marketing strategies for businesses […]

ai customer service

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Service Industry

The achievement of any business organization is highly dependent on its customer relationship strategies. Client experience is exceptionally organized in any business. Consumer loyalty is profoundly impacted by the change brought about by the dynamic technologies. With the progression of technological advances, such as AI (artificial intelligence), NLP (natural language processing), Intelligent Chatbot, and ML […]

ai email marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing – The Possibilities

Email Marketing has been around since forever. There are plenty of articles any of us can read on Google about Email Marketing. Why is email marketing important? How to Master Email Marketing — and so on. The game-changer now is Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing. Here is how artificial intelligence in email marketing can up […]

conversational content

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Content Strategy

A business may create content with different goals in mind. Still, one main goal for most businesses is to engage with readers, and push them toward making a decision, whether it is purchasing, downloading, or watching something online. Here is the ultimate guide to conversational content strategy. Your customers are human beings with emotions like […]