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smart cities healthcare

Smart Cities Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges

According to the United Nations, 68% of the world’s population is projected to live in urban settings by 2050. With over 6,000 hospitals in the United States and over 36.5 million admissions annually, as reported by the American Hospital Association, health organizations are constantly being challenged. Here are smart cities and how they are solving […]

sales prospecting techniques

Sales Prospecting Techniques for Sales Development Reps

New sales development reps (SDRs) are born into this world inspired, energetic souls. They win a job they really don’t know much about based on the belief they’ll be able to smash through walls for the sales team. At some point, ambition meets reality. The SDRs realize sales prospecting is more about chipping away at […]

digital workplace

A Vision for the Digital Workplace of 2020

There’s a lot of buzz and confusion around the term “digital workplace.” Many businesses make the words digital workplace a synonym for their collaboration tools, intranet software, and various network solutions. A Digital Workplace in 2020 is not just your tools. Your tools are essential, but they’re a shortsighted view of what a digital workplace […]

top growth marketing speakers

Top 15 Growth Marketing Speakers

There are many amazing marketing speakers that can help shed light on the intricacies of marketing. However, only a select few understand what growth marketing entails. Growth marketing is a specialized segment of digital marketing, and it focuses specifically on online customer acquisition. To learn how to incorporate this marketing segment in your business, it […]

intelligent virtualization tech

Intelligent Virtualization Technologies are Eliminating Data Silos Forever

In an ever-accelerating information age, the companies most likely to succeed glean the most profitable insights from their data, faster and more nimbly than their competitors. For the data-driven enterprise today, you likely have game-changing insights into your business and your customers hidden throughout your vast troves of data. Here is why intelligent virtualization technologies […]

artificial intelligence forcast

Artificial Intelligence: Forecasts for 2020

In 2019, 53% of global data and analysis established by decision-makers announced that artificial intelligence is established, or in full development within their company. Here are the artificial intelligence forecasts for 2020. It is important to note that these findings are taken from statistics revealing percentages calculated from the observation of Fortune 500 companies. The […]

gaming ai

Gaming with Artificial Intelligence Technology in 2020

Amazing team building activities can bring team members together by collaborating and encouraging teamwork. Having fun at work will boost productivity to enhance the team’s loyalty. Here is gaming with artificial intelligence technology in 2020. Indoor activities result in better team development and more productivity. Using team-building activities promotes exploration and opportunities instead of having […]

ai is light

AI is the Light that Leads from the Past to the Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the nineteenth century. But what exactly is artificial intelligence, today? Can we call artificial intelligence technology, or is it something else? Here are three phases of life – Past (evolution), present (processing/implementation), and finally, the future (saturation/extending) of AI because AI is the light that leads from the […]

Lawyers: Land More Clients With These 5 Marketing Strategies

Lawyers: Land More Clients With These 5 Marketing Strategies

Marketing psychology applies to all businesses, including lawyers. However, most clients have immediate needs and can’t be put through a traditional sales funnel. Most clients searching the internet for a lawyer are already in trouble and need to connect with an attorney immediately. For these clients, a traditional sales funnel won’t work; there’s no time […]

voice enabled tech

The Potential Impact of Voice-Enabled Tech in 2020

“It should be rather evident to anyone paying attention that we are on the verge of a massive disruption of the market due to voice-enabled applications.” That was the opener that Guy Sheetrit, CEO of Over The Top SEO, had in store for me when I approached him about the topic of voice search, and […]

cellular connectivity

Adding Cellular Connectivity to Your IoT Device

In an increasingly connected world, data drives decision making within organizations, from the world’s most significant to the smallest. The Internet of Things (IoT) – an ever-expanding network of devices – promises to offer business leaders even greater insight, but that means original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must seize the opportunities and the challenges that are […]

stay safe public wifi

5 Tips for Staying Safe on Public WiFi Networks

Free Wi-Fi connectivity can be found almost anywhere these days. Free WiFi is, obviously, a good thing for the hundreds and thousands of people worldwide that need public Wi-Fi to access the internet. We know now, that this blessing can also be a little bit of curse. The fact that public WiFi is always open […]

backlinks for blog

7 Ways to Generate Backlinks for your Blog in 2020

I recently asked the question, “What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to SEO?” Nearly everyone in my community mentioned that their most significant issue at present is creating high-quality backlinks. Generating backlinks today is not the same as it was five years ago. You need to get links from quality sites to see a […]