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AI Can Provide Solutions to UX Design Problems

AI Can Provide Solutions to UX Design Problems

The concept and acceleration of AI has come upon us faster than anyone thought possible. AI is blazing a trail with its impact in the lives of businesses as well as individuals. Now, in 2019, the functionalities and features that AI 0ffers has made it a trending and favorite actionable step in numerous industries. Realizing […]

How to Be Successful When Seeking Custom Software Development

How to Be Successful When Seeking Custom Software Development

These days, everyone seems to have an app or software idea, and thanks to the availability of custom software developers, it’s possible to make those apps a reality. Software development is something you can learn, but it takes years of experience (and oftentimes a team of collaborators) to create a functional finished product—and most aspiring […]

Prepare for a Future of Remote Teams

How to Prepare for a Future of Remote Teams

Working remotely is increasingly becoming a part of the company culture all over the world. Technological leaps in the past years have led to an overhaul in the traditional workplace definitions and paved the way for flexible work. According to Gallup report on State of the American workplace, 43 percent of the workforce spent at […]

blockchain to make climate change

How IoT Running on Blockchain Can Make Climate Change a Reality

Our planet supports a multitude of ecosystems like forests, coral reefs, rivers, and lakes that are crucial for human life. These ecosystems maintain complex relationships among many different types of organisms that produce breathable air and enhance water resources for our use. Human activity damages these ecosystems causing unpredictable changes that affect climate. IoT has […]

IoT, buzzword for marketers

IoT – The Buzzword for Market Researchers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast evolving as a service and revenue generator in a hyper-connected universe. While IoT is already churning out an enormous volume of data every day, it is only a fraction of what is likely to come up in the next ten years. IoT is the buzzword for market researchers […]

3 Top Tools to Broadcast to Facebook Live

3 Top Tools to Broadcast to Facebook Live

Social media has always made it possible for businesses to communicate with audiences. Live streaming has made that communication two-way. Businesses can talk to an audience, and that audience can use the comments to interact with the broadcaster. There are three top tools to broadcast to Facebook Live. A broadcaster on Facebook can ask questions, […]

boost sales productivity

Seven Strategies That Boost Sales Productivity

Sales is a difficult job with representatives working long hours to meet demanding quotas while keeping clients loyal and returning for repeat business. While good sales reps remain dedicated to hitting their company’s goals, the chance for employee burnout while doing so is high. There are seven strategies that boost sales productivity. You’ll need strategies […]


Pyze Announces $4.6 Million Funding Round for AI Based Analytics & Campaigns

Pyze, today, announced a $4.6M funding round to scale its business. Pyze has developed the unique ability to embed business services like cross-platform user behavior analytics, AI-based user segmentation, and marketing automation as native extensions to any Digital Platform. The round was led by Illuminate Ventures with participation from Benhamou Global Ventures and Correlation Ventures. […]

ensure your people's skill sets are sharp

Craft Teams Can Ensure Your People Keep the Skill Sets Sharp

The pace of technological progress has never been faster. In a mad rush to innovate, companies have sought out better and more efficient ways of getting things done. Instead of having large departments that are kept in silos, unable to exchange information rapidly, many businesses are adopting more modern schemas. Craft teams can ensure your […]

IoT connected computers and city

Is There Any Stopping Tech’s Big Four From Monopolizing User Data?

The world’s major technology players now have nearly unbridled access to more consumer information than ever, and in some cases, they’ve abused that privilege in the most horrific ways possible. When the concept of the Information Superhighway first went mainstream, the public had no idea that the flow of data would go both ways. Moreover, […]

For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and Industry Efficiency Are Everything

The first time self-driving cars were introduced to the world, it was through science fiction films and television of yesteryear. For self-driving systems, infrastructure and industry efficiency are everything. Today, however, they’re a reality, and they’ve taken the Fourth Industrial Revolution to wild destinations. Consider the man who recently traveled 30 miles on a California highway […]