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“Healthy Pivot” Interview by Silas Valentino, Punch Magazine

The NatureBox headquarters, a dash from downtown Redwood City, is in an airy building with natural light streaming through floor-to-ceiling windows bordering the street. This would be an ideal setting for an automobile showroom (historically, it was) but now it’s lined with standing desks, couches, whiteboards, a large external air conditioning unit and hundreds of […]

CEO, risks

Interview with Business Leader and CEO, Rana Gujral

This week’s How to CEO podcast gave me the opportunity to talk to a sought-after entrepreneur, business leader, and CEO, Rana Gujral. Rana started his career in a corporate environment, where he built hardware, software, “and everything in the middle.” He soon had an opportunity to lead the successful turnaround of a tech company verging […]

Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Service Agreements

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is the most significant advance in data privacy in history, but little about the actual end-user experience of data privacy has changed. Here’s why tech companies need simpler terms of service agreements. Terms of service agreements are too long and too complicated for the average user, tech-savvy or […]

software development

Will Development Eventually Make Itself Obsolete?

Nearly a decade has passed since renowned venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously declared that “software is eating the world.” The subsequent years have proven his observation was a prescient one, and the software developers driving this phenomenon have risen to the top of the proverbial food chain. Now, however, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they, too, are […]

gig economy construction

Why the Gig Economy is Coming for Architects, Engineers

It’s official: The gig economy is coming to construction. While other industries have been quick to adapt to freelance employment, architects and engineers within the construction sector have lagged behind — and that is beginning to change. Here’s why the gig economy is coming for architects and engineers. The majority of all workers will be […]

Authentic multicultural marketing

Why Multicultural Marketing Needs Machine Learning and Facial Tracking

Authentically and Effectively Marketing to an Increasingly Diverse America Marketers in 2019 will find it hard to be successful without understanding the cultural transformation that’s happening in this country. Between 2012 and 2017, the US multicultural population – Hispanics, African Americans, and Asian Americans – grew to 11.7 million people. Notably, these groups are younger […]

Exploring the Convergence of the IoT and Patient Safety

Exploring the Convergence of the IoT and Patient Safety

The growth and explosion of IoT technology has been astonishing to watch over the past few years. And while we often discuss the impact it’s having in tech and consumer products niches, it’s having an equally profound impact in healthcare – particularly when it comes to patient safety. 6 Ways the IoT is Impacting Patient […]

supply chain

Tips for Selling Smart Supply Chain Solutions

New technologies have the potential to make supply chains more efficient and more transparent than ever before. Unfortunately, implementing the right technologies in the right way is often easier said than done. Here are tips for selling smart supply chain solutions. Every company is filled with people who have different opinions about which technologies can boost […]

ToyBox and PlayTable Partner Together For Blockchain Enabled Toys, Souvenirs, and Collectibles

In conjunction with the 2nd Annual San Francisco Blockchain Week last week; PlayTable and ToyBox announced they’ve entered into a strategic partnership focused on enabling blockchain for toys, souvenirs, and collectibles designed and printed on the Toybox 3D Printer. PlayTable and Toybox look to capitalize on the tailwinds and fusion of blockchain for collectibles and […]

8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market

If you’re like us you love WordPress.  The open source platform has been around for about 15 years now and powers web platforms across the globe. WordPress is great, but if you really want to get the most out of the service you need to choose the right tools and services to integrate with your […]

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3 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider Prior to Migration

The benefits of cloud migration are well-documented. Despite that, many business leaders remain anxious about moving their legacy systems away from on-premise hardware and into the cloud. That apprehension is reasonable. Companies that invest a significant amount of capital in their on-premise hardware may be reluctant to commit more funds to a similar deployment despite the […]

Can IoT Bridge The Gaps In Modern Mental Health Treatment?

Can IoT Bridge The Gaps In Modern Mental Health Treatment?

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. In fact, every year one-fifth of Americans experiences a clinical mental health disorder, whether or not they are diagnosed or receive treatment. That means that even if you haven’t personally experienced a mental health crisis, you certainly know someone who has, even if they don’t talk about it. Unfortunately, despite the […]

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Why Your Company’s Tech Transformation Starts With the Backend

When people think about the technology at Starbucks, free Wi-Fi, the loyalty program, mobile payments, or remote ordering usually come to mind. But it all started in a far less sexy way. Here’s why your company’s tech transformation starts with the backend. Most major technology overhauls start with a company’s backend—the tech running behind the […]

The Open Application Network (OAN)

Open Applications and Solving the Future of Platform Economics

Throughout 2019 we’ve witnessed the blockchain landscape shifting from a strong focus on enterprise use cases to the introduction of new technical layers within the ever-evolving “stack” to now the rise of decentralized applications (dApps). As this part of landscape expansion, further focus comes around the challenges of data, privacy, and the future economics models […]

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Why Developers use Salesforce DX

One major headache of developers and development teams is the need to keep up with the inevitably changing business and market needs. Salesforce always tried to add on tools enabling a wider group of users than other platforms to administer the changes to their business applications. The objective of Salesforce tools is to empower the […]

cloud computing

The Cloud is the Future of Software Delivery

On-premises software installation is taking its final breath. In just a short time, the cloud will completely dominate the software delivery market. Why are cloud computing delivery models so definitively poised for domination? They are simply more effective — for the software provider and the customer — than any other delivery method available. The benefits and […]