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smart cities connectivity

Strategizing Smart Cities for Smart Economy

How often do you use a smart device at your home? Indeed several times, knowingly or unknowingly. Be it a smartphone, wearable, personal electronics, smart bulbs, or tablets, these devices have become an integral part of our lives. Our homes now have multiple smart devices that are considered “intelligent devices.” However,  the trend for smart […]


Why Shopify is Best Choice for Small Ecommerce Business

In this eCommerce era, people lack time to shop offline, from physical stores. Alternatively, they get magnetized towards shopping online or from eCommerce stores. This fact ahead is inviting more and more small businesses to adopt eCommerce platforms. Moreover, the retailers are also moving their businesses to eCommerce stores. So, if you are planning to […]

measure company culture

A New Way to Measure Company Culture and Empowerment in a Remote World

Understanding company culture has long been a holy grail for forward-thinking organizations. In general, research indicates that measuring company culture accurately is very difficult, but can lead to positive outcomes. HR, People Analytics, or company culture committees use exit interviews, surveys, or focus groups to measure the accuracy in company culture. Employee empowerment (which means […]

IoT-enabled factories

Lessons from the Pandemic: Why IoT-Enabled Factories Rebounded so Quickly and How that Sets the Stage for Industry 5.0

Saying the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted manufacturing might be the biggest understatement since “Houston, we have a problem.” But where there are problems, there are opportunities. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is key to unlocking many of those opportunities. This includes deeper insights into production and equipment condition, increased efficiency and productivity, greater resilience against […]

future of startups

Knowing the Future of Startups in 2021 and Beyond

You know applications like Instagram, Uber and Airbnb once started as tech startups. That’s all there was to them. With time their influence grew at a global level. It is through their cutting-edge ideas and creative outlook which made these applications an integral part of our lives. However, knowing the success of these two startups’ […]

wordpress plugins

6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business

WordPress has been offering businesses an easy way to build corporate websites for years. And with over 58,000 plug-ins, it’s never been easier to improve functionality. If you use WordPress, we recommend adding these six must-have WordPress plugins to level up your business website. 1. Contact form: WPForms Your customers should never struggle to contact […]

decentralized finance solutions

Decentralized Finance Solutions: A Brief Guide

The total value of assets invested in different DeFi applications has risen to a staggering $24.57 billion now. It has received greater attention now due to the severe economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions use blockchain technology to maintain a high level of transparency through a distributed ledger while executing […]

increase YouTube Channel watch time

7 Awesome Ways to Increase YouTube Watch Time (2021)

YouTube utilizes watch-time as a modus operandi in which it uses algorithms for suggesting videos, especially in terms of ranking. YouTube has grown tremendously and is the most visited video platform site in the world. It has become an imperative source of income for influencers, advertisers, marketers and other business-related figures. Millions upon millions of […]

AI to IoT analytics

Introducing AI to IoT Data Analytics

The availability of high-speed internet connectivity has transformed the way we interact with and benefit from technology. The ability to send and receive vast amounts of data quickly and reliably supports the expanding Internet of Things (IoT). All devices are gathering data — non-stop. Google Home, Alexa, Furbo, and Ring are just a few of […]

AI and IoT = AIoT

AI and IoT – A Blend in Future Technologies

The future is automation, where Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things together will rule the technological aspects of our lives. With the advent of Smart Watches, Voice Assistants and Smart Cars, the one thing we can be sure of is that the future will be full of similar devices which will make our life […]

How to Utilize an SMS Marketing Strategy

How to Utilize an SMS Marketing Strategy

If you’re marketing a startup in the modern world, you should be using a wide variety of different channels simultaneously. Today’s audiences consume media in a multitude of different forms, using a number of different mediums to communicate with each other. Most national brands employ marketing and advertising strategies through search engine optimization (SEO), pay […]

improve AI customer experience

How to Improve Customer Experience with AI Chatbots?

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants instant answers to their queries. Having to have instant answers is why every business enterprise tries to solve its customers’ problems to maintain the brand reputation without harming customer loyalty. But giving instant replies to the users on a 24/7 basis is not possible at all from the human […]

AI redefining ecommerce

How is AI Redefining the Future of eCommerce Industry

Years back, the world was completely unaware of the success of AI in the eCommerce industry. Undoubtedly, applications of AI have embedded themselves into our businesses and lives in a wide range of ways. Businesses can not only make faster decisions but also automate and optimize operations to drive better business outcomes. Having said that, […]