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Does Facebook Really Want a Semantic Web?

Two weeks ago, Facebook has announced a major new initiative called Facebook Open Graph. This is an attempt to not only re-imagine Facebook, but in a lot of ways, an attempt to re-define how the Web works. We wrote in details about the implications of this move for all interested parties.

A big part of the announcement is Facebook’s vision of a…

Why Google and Other Humans Don’t Read Your Book Reviews

The book and media industries are going through interesting times, to put it mildly. As physical books prepare for their demise, the confusion around pricing of digital ones grows. Yet, whether physical or digital, to sell books you need marketing. People need to hear about a book before they buy it.

This is where the book review come in. Every…

The Future of Search: Social Relevancy Rank

FriendFeed has recently launched a search feature, and so Facebook search must be coming soon.

Real-time Web search (of streams of activities) is a hot topic right now. Everyone, including Google and Microsoft, recognizes the value of using trusted contacts as filters. What was once called social search is now called real-time search, but this…

Free: It Works, It Cries, It Bites

Chris Anderson’s new book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price (available for free in text form and as an audio book), is stirring controversy and a spicy conversation around the blogosphere. The current wave of discussion started with a critical review by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker. In his review, Gladwell defends journalism and goes…

Facebook Has Twitter Envy – But Why?

It is no secret that Facebook has Twitter envy. The number one social networking site is not content to win over rival MySpace. It is not satisfied being far ahead of Google on the social web. Facebook now has Twitter firmly in its crosshairs.

True, Twitter traffic has gone through the roof. True, Twitter is the new killer app, the new cool kid…

7 Online Things To Do To Help Obama Restore America

On Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, America and the whole world will gather to watch Barack Obama be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America. Many have called Mr. Obama the Internet President because of the unprecedented way his campaign used the medium to raise funds, raise awareness, and ultimately outmaneuver John…

Brave New World: More Digital, Less Physical

Yesterday, I was with my wife in the L’Occitane store. The shelves were filled with fragrances, soaps, lotions: all sorts of handcrafted beauty products. It occured to me while looking at the labels that I have no idea how these products were made. I am reasonably versed in chemistry, but the process of manufacturing perfume is not something I…

Semantic Web Patterns: A Guide to Semantic Technologies

In this article, we’ll analyze the trends and technologies that power the Semantic Web. We’ll identify patterns that are beginning to emerge, classify the different trends, and peak into what the future holds.
In a recent interview Tim Berners-Lee pointed out that the infrastructure to power the Semantic Web is already here.

Are YOU Replaceable?

In the midst of the current US economic slowdown it is clear that the good old days are over. At least for some chunk of 2008, more likely for the whole year, we are in for some gloomy times.

Companies are being forced to cut costs and let people go. Some smart people aren’t sitting around waiting to be downsized – instead they’re jumping ship…

A Guide to The Contextual Web

It’s the end of 2008 and everyone on the Web is hurting due to the economy. But we know that things will get better, because slow-downs eventually bury the old and give birth to new evolutionary ways of doing things.
One of these evolutions started quietly in 2008. We are witnessing the rise of a new kind of web: contextual. You might not have…

2009 Tips for Big Web Companies

2009 is approaching quickly, and the consensus is that it’s going to be a really tough year. The US financial crisis is triggering a global recession. Yet, a crisis is also a time full of hope. It is a time to re-think, re-tool, and get ready for the next upswing.

For big Internet companies, 2009 is going to be a very bad year for sure…

Is YouTube the Next Google?

Anything that can be a video will be a video
During the Web 2.0 Summit recently, the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, pointed out that one of the reasons the world is no longer the same is YouTube. For better or worse, said Mr. Newsom, we are now always on the record. Every significant and insignificant conversation is being recorded, and the…

LinkedIn, Stop Hiding People Behind Links

Last week LinkedIn announced an additional
infusion of capital from strategic investors. The company has been
around since 2003 and
Bernard Lunn recently
wrote an in-depth analysis
of the LinkedIn business here on ReadWriteWeb. Most of us use LinkedIn a few times a week, yet almost
no one is emotionally connected to the company. Isn’t it strange…

Why Platforms Are Letting Us Down – And What They Should Do About It

In good times everyone wants to
be a platform. But when times are bad and platforms are just an expense, the resources suddenly
shift away. The recent re-design of Facebook, the slow down of Google’s
Open Social, and Flock closing
its extension site – these are all part of the same pattern. Platforms that don’t
have monetization wired in…

5 Great Books to Build Your Character

Tough economic times and
startups have at least one
thing in common – you need character and determination to survive.
Character is what it takes to win,
to believe and to persuade others. It’s a mix of passion, determination,
sleepless hours,
hard work.
Character is about crossing the finish line, about achieving dreams and

5 Great Science Books to Expand Your Mind

From the dynamics of social networks to market bubbles, science has a lot to say about
the world of technology.
One of the great discoveries of modern science was the realization of
how interconnected the world is. The deterministic, Newtonian view of
a clockwork Universe was replaced by the much more dynamic, uncertain and entangled
world of…

Patent Crisis and The Age of Open Source Ideas

We live in an age when success of innovation is mixed with unprecedented failures.
On one hand we’re reinventing the web, fighting for a greener future and building genomix.
On the other there are housing bubbles, credit crises and war.

The technology patent crisis is important to our future. For decades the patent law
served its purpose…

12 Unit Testing Tips for Software Engineers

Unit Testing is
one of the pillars of Agile Software Development. First introduced by Kent Beck, unit testing has found its way into
the hearts and systems of many organizations. Unit tests help engineers reduce the number of bugs, hours spent on debugging, and
contribute to healthier, more stable software.
In this post we look at
a dozen unit…