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How to Become an Expert Copywriter 8 Tricks to Learn

Content has claimed its place in the most significant approaches. The changing Google algorithm updates emphasize the use of best SEO practices, which demands quality content. Therefore, the importance of a good copywriter increase in the market, and simultaneously, surging demand for experienced copywriters is created. Here is how to become an expert copywriter and […]

cybersecurity business threats

Cybersecurity, Modern Technology and Business Threats

The year 2020 is overcome with the COVID-19. But the virus isn’t the only threat to our security. 2020 is also set to revolutionize the world with advancements that will shape the future of lives and businesses, alike. We now have 5G and IoT to Artificial Intelligence, Cloud technology, and Machine Learning. These technologies will […]

student privacy

We Don’t Have to Sacrifice Students’ Privacy for Campus Security

Colleges and universities face a distinctly modern conundrum: They want and need to keep students safe, but smart security technologies that can track and monitor students’ activities on and off campus threaten their right to privacy. Schools and technology vendors must collaborate to find solutions that increase campus security while also protecting individual privacy. The Privacy Problem […]

physical vs digital health

Physical vs Digital Health: What You Need to Know About Privacy and HealthTech

In November of 2019, news broke around Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit continuing the search giant’s push into the health market. Here is physical versus digital health and what you need to know about privacy and healthtech. In December, we learned that the US Justice Department is now investigating the deal after many, including watchdog groups Public […]

future of mobile shopping

How Voice Search is Changing the Future of Shopping

The continuous growth of e-commerce businesses like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon is a clear indication that the consumers’ preference for online shopping is here to stay. Consumers love to explore their options and buy what they need without physically visiting a store. But the emergence of voice-activated devices and voice search is redefining how shopping […]

fix your headphones

How to Fix your Headphones Yourself: A Step-by-Step Guide

If the music from your headphones sounds only in one ear — don’t rush to throw them out. Most people have experienced getting a pair of headphones only to have them stop working — especially on one side. You’ll find that your headphones are easy to fix and it’s quite fun, too. Most damage occurs […]

ar, vr on automobile industry

Effects of AR and VR on the Automobile Industry

Advancements in technology have always resulted in improvements that have made life better. Technology making life better continues in the pharmaceutical industry, the mining industry, the healthcare industry, and even the automotive industry for that matter. Making life better for everyone is the purpose of implementing technological advancement in the first place. Two such advancements […]

The Pros and Cons of Founding a Startup During a Recession

With the economy in an inevitable tailspin toward the first recession in over a decade, there remains ample click bait apocalyptic article titles touting the economy’s inevitable downfall. The most alarming recent data is the millions that filed for unemployment in a single week–the largest such black swan event in the history of the country. […]

business data visualization

Top 2020 WordPress Plugins for Business Data Visualization

Data visualization is a trendy process now which could take raw data in any form as input and convert those to easily understandable visual presentation. The data visualization technique of converting raw data into insights have been there into practice for many decades now — and most of the data is moving to the cloud. […]

Top Virtual Keynote Speakers

20 Top Virtual Keynote Speakers

With the world on lockdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, conferences and workshops are being cancelled or postponed until further notice. If you were organizing an event for your company and don’t know how to continue, contact a virtual keynote speaker. With modern technology, video conference calls are easy to set up and can […]

customer support faster

How to Provide Customer Support on Social Media Faster

Providing customer support on social media isn’t optional for brands these days. When it takes days or weeks to get a reply on social media, your customers lose interest in your brand, which can ruin your reputation. The days when using phone calls were enough to provide customer support are far behind us. Over the […]