Samsung has unveiled its new Samsung Artik Smart IoT platform products with the goal in mind of giving IoT-innovating companies the tools they need to jump into the IoT market. Not only does Samsung boast this product line’s ability to give IoT solutions better communication between one-another, but it features end-to-end security enhancements.

Unveiled at the IoT World 2017 conference, this end-to-end IoT platform includes everything a company needs to develop its technology, collect and manage data, and to go to market with their products.

Chillin’ in the Artik

On the hardware end of Samsung’s Artik platform are the Artik modules. Wi-Fi based IoT modules with built-in hardware security enable product developers to rapidly prototype their ideas and connect their products directly to Samsung’s Artik Cloud.

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These modules include the brand new Artik 053, a tiny module a little larger than a quarter and shaped like a stick of gum. It features a 32-bit ARM Cortex R4 running at 320MHz for applications, 29 dedicated GPIO ports, and a robust on-board security subsystem.

It is fully Wi-Fi compatible and small enough to fit in even the smallest single-function IoT device. Also available are the even smaller Artik 020 and 030 modules, as well as the series 5, 7, and 10 module family for larger and more robust IoT applications.

These modules are useful, but for any good IoT solution to really integrate with the larger web, a solid cloud solution is required. Enter Samsung’s Artik Cloud, an open data exchange platform for the Internet of Things.

With Artik Cloud, you can connect your IoT devices with other devices linked to the Artik Cloud. For example, your new prototype widget can work with Amazon Echo or Philips Hue lights.

Artik Cloud has recently been updated to add fast device onboarding, edge node management, secure over the air (OTA) updates, integration with Amazon AWS Kinesis Stream, new cloud connectors including Google Assistant on Google Home and Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill.

A better platform

ummarySamsung wants to have a big influence on the growing IoT market. By encouraging new product developers to build their products in Samsung’s platform, it will be able to better position not only itself in the growing IoT market but to create a diverse and wide-reaching IoT network its own products can work more easily with.

By concentrating its efforts on creating a more secure all-in-one platform for rapid development, prototyping, and even finding the right partners for prototyping and manufacturing, this offering by Samsung is becoming an increasingly appealing option for these businesses.

“We believe security and interoperability are critical to enabling next-gen IoT products that can connect to, and work with, many different devices and services,” said James Stansberry, senior vice president and head of the platform in the US for Samsung Electronics.