Mobile beacon solutions firm inMarket dropped a new platform for entertainment venues at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017.

The new ambient intelligence platform, called inBar, lets venue operators tap into consumer’s mobiles and connect them to “second-screen experiences,” including:

  • Control of smart jukeboxes, including entrance music
  • Ride-hailing options after three hours at the bar
  • Fast food options after 2 am
  • Extra swipes on a dating app
  • Drink specials for fantasy sports players

No word if it’ll help with ill-advised texting late at night.

inMarket has partnered with AMI Entertainment, a major supplier of jukeboxes, TVs, and other electronics to bars and other venues. It will begin to deploy beacons to 25,000 entertainment venues in the U.S. that use AMI equipment over the next few months.

Can be tailored to specific locales

More experiences could be added to inBar to fit a certain brand event or venue. inMarket has worked directly with clients, like Energizer or Heineken, in the retail world; inBar allows brands to penetrate consumer smartphones while in the bar, cinema, or club.

“We’re laying the foundation of the connected bar of the future, while enabling hyper-contextual advertising on premise.” said inMarket CEO and co-founder, Todd Dipaola. “We have six years of experience digitally connecting consumers and brands at retail capacity and we’re excited those experiences to bars with AMI as an amazing partner.”

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inMarket has already shown its ability to make customers spend money. On the Black Friday weekend, the beacon supplier said it influenced $14.5 billion in sales. The beacon supplier hopes inBar can do the same for clients, by providing experiences that make consumers spend more money in the right places.

The new platform will be shown off at CES 2017 and is set to be deployed shortly afterwards in thousands of venues.