Dubai residents could soon flag down a new autonomous bus

The streets of Dubai are known for hosting some of the world’s most expensive sports cars. Brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and BMW are a common sight in the desert strip. However, a new type of vehicle is making its way through Dubai’s “Business Bay,” an autonomous bus.

This bus, trialed in a coordinated effort between RTA and Dubai Properties, isn’t really a traditional bus at all. It has no driver, and can accommodate 10 passengers in six seats and four standing positions. It’s also totally electric, being able to travel for eight hours between recharging.

This is the third vehicle of its kind to be tested on the streets of Dubai. The first two took place at Dubai World Trade Centre and Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. Business Bay visitors will be able to take advantage of the vehicle throughout its trial.

Dubai’s third autonomous vehicle deployment

This is the third of what could be many other deployments of autonomous vehicles in Dubai. The Commission in the Emirate of Dubai expect to expand this trial to other areas within Dubai as the technology continues to evolve, ultimately providing a safe and environmentally-friendly mode of mass transportation in a city that is known for having multi-million dollar vehicles routinely abandoned at its airport.

Dubai isn’t the first city known for its wealthy inhabitants to take on an autonomous vehicle project. Beverly Hills’ City Council announced plans to develop an autonomous public transportation system involving smaller vehicles  that can be called by residents wherever they are needed and drop them off at their destination.

As autonomous vehicles continue to evolve, and the environmental and safety advantages continue to become apparent, we can expect more cities to adopt the technology in their own infrastructure. Fully autonomous vehicles don’t require a driver in several states, they don’t need a lunch break, and are often coupled with modern green technologies.

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