In Kowloon East, Hong Kong’s testing ground for smart city development, officials are asking for the public’s opinion on a suggested framework for the city.

Four trials for smart city solutions will be conducted, beginning now through 2017 year’s end, in order to determine how practical they are and how well they work.

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Included in the solutions is a mobile app to help with walking in the area.  This app will eventually be integrated with pedestrian positioning and outdoor and indoor GPS.  A smart crowd management system is also scheduled for testing in January, at the Kowloon East Streetathon.

Also being introduced in January will be a smart parking app that can assist drivers with locating empty parking spaces within the district.  In the later part of 2017, an energy efficiency data system and curbside loading and unloading monitoring system will be undergoing a trial run too.

Kowloon East – the city’s second largest business district?

Brenda Au Kit-ying, leader of the Development Bureau’s Energising Kowloon East office, explains, “With the results of our study, we looked to other cities and considered opportunities for Kowloon East to come up with a proposed framework. After the public engagement exercise, we hope to move on to the implementation strategy, proof of concept trials and formulation of proposals.”

Along with these trials, other concepts are on the table for possible trials too.  These include a smart tree managing system that uses real-time information, smart trash cans that can recognize when they are full and a water quality system that can detect E coli concentrations.

The main focuses of this smart city project will be on concepts like a blue-green infrastructure and mobility, along with integration of IoT.  In the meantime, the EKEO office will be hosting an exhibition that displays 21 smart city applications.  Some of the featured smart city solution displays will include electric vehicle charging systems and high-speed internet-enabled smart phone booths.