70 percent of Americans are ready for an autonomous future, according to a survey conducted by the Consumer Technology Association.

It is one of the first large surveys to show positive reception for self-driving cars. Previous results have shown mixed or negative views on full automation, and a worry that self-driving cars will not be able to make the correct decisions at key times.

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The CTA survey found that 82 percent were happy about potential reductions to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The survey showed a positive reaction to potentially lower insurance rates, which is one of the expected advantages of self-driving.

“We were aware of other studies in this area, and therefore decided to undertake our own research, framing the topic in a neutral way,” said CTA research vice president Brian Markwaiter. “When we asked drivers whether they were interested in replacing their current car or truck with a completely self-driving vehicle, a clear majority said they were. Those results are clear and unambiguous.”

The more tech savvy, the better

The results also showed that drivers who have more tech in the car are more likely to have a positive view on self-driving. 80 percent of respondents had used some car automation, like cruise control, automatic braking and parking, or collision avoidance.

“Consumers want to see for themselves what these driverless innovations have to offer,” Markwaiter said. “And the driver assistance features already on the market may be sparking the excitement, as more drivers experience the safety and convenience these new features provide.”