Connectivity startup Wirepas and IIoT module manufacturer U-Blox have announced the NINA-B1, a low-power Bluetooth module that offers scalable decentralized radio communications for IoT applications.

The goal of the module is to be easy to install and infinitely scalable. Instead of having each module reduce network speeds, Wirepas Connectivity makes each device a smart router, which should let businesses create mesh networks from hundreds of modules.

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“The NINA-B1 in combination with the Wirepas Connectivity software will enable shorter time to market for easy-to-install, large scale, decentralised industrial IoT applications in segments such as lighting, sensor, asset tracking and beacons,” explained Hakan Svegerud, Head of Product Strategy at U-Blox.

It comes with Bluetooth

An ARM Cortex M4 MCU clocked at 64 MHz powers the module, with 64kB RAM and 512kB flash memory. Bluetooth 4.2 is installed on the module, meaning the module will be able to make over-the-air software updates once new interfaces or services are available.

“We believe that technology should never be the starting point; instead, we should concentrate on business and application needs. As needs evolve over time, so should the technology. Wirepas and u-blox share this core value and that is what makes us stronger together,” said Wirepas CEO, Teppo Hemiä.

Low-cost, low-power modules are becoming commonplace on the market, as IoT software and hardware firms try and make IoT deployment less expensive and risky. Integration with common wireless standards, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, could also improve deployment speeds in the industry.