Freckle, an Internet of Things (IoT) beacon analytics firm, has announced a new partnership with AirKast, a popular mobile platform provider for publishers, which include ESPN, Cumulus Media, and CBS News Radio.

The introduction of Frickle SDK into AirKast’s wide selection of publishers, which number in the thousands, should provide more accurate location services for hyper-localized advertising campaigns.

Freckle says that AirKast (and other partners) will be able to “participate in pioneering beacon initiatives, which include attribution, analytics, messaging, retargeting, and insights.”

Freckle the latest entrant into beacons

Beacons are a new type of tech flooding the retail space. The tech connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides connected apps a much more accurate view of your location and interests.

“We saw the emergence of beacons as a critical advertising and data opportunity that could provide our clients with the chance to participate in beacon campaigns that would expose them to new, unique and verifiable customers,” said Larry Leung, CEO of AirKast. “As Freckle is the leader in the market, we wanted to partner with them to give our clients the greatest reach possible.”

The partnership is beneficial for both parties, Freckle gains a partner that connects with 20 million users monthly and AirKast is able to offer its advertising partners hyper-localized data on consumers.

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“We are embarking on the next era of mobile activation – which is true attribution,” said Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of Freckle. “Today every brand spends millions of dollars annually trying to drive people to locations where their products are sold. Freckle can now do this and provide a true attribution metric to brands so that they are able to spend their advertising dollars more effectively.”

Freckle claims its beacon technology is far better than competitors, because it has built a “deterministic ID” that is more accurate than the “probabilistic ID” that some other companies use for real-time ad sales.