In a bid to bolster its cloud capacities, Space‐Time Insight bought San Francisco-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) startup GoFactory for an undisclosed amount.

San Mateo-based Space-Time said the acquisition will boost its real-time visual analytics by adding GoFactory’s industry expertise and IIoT technologies.

This follows another recent cloud computing acquisition, where Samsung bought Joyent as part of the South Korean tech giant’s $1.2 billion IoT spree in the U.S.

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“The acquisition will enable Space-Time Insight customers and partners to take advantage of the innovative, highly-scalable GoFactory cloud service to capture and analyze an unprecedented level of data from connected assets, systems and people in real time,” said the press statement.

GoFactory will allow Space-Time to better capitalize on increasing demand for advanced visualization solutions and analytics that allow companies to mine value out of IoT-generated data.

“To realize the opportunities inherent in the Internet of Things, all organizations must rethink traditional approaches to analytics in order to gain the context and insights needed to make quick and confident decisions,” said Space-Time CEO Rob Schilling. “To help our customers and partners capitalize on these opportunities, we have been focused on building IIoT-ready advanced analytics and visualization solutions for eight years. The acquisition of GoFactory continues our commitment to helping organizations capture, analyze and use data to understand the what, where, when, why and how of every situation.”

Already working together in the instruction market

An integrated solution that includes both Space-Time and GoFactory capabilities is already on the market, and was adopted by several large North American construction firms.

GoFactory’s technology collects and streams data from people, sensors and edge devices to a cloud-based service. At this point the data is processed and correlated with external, enterprise and operational data using software by Space-Time.

“Marrying GoFactory’s secure, highly-scalable cloud service and mobile applications with Space-Time Insight’s powerful real-time visual analytics software enables organizations to leverage industrial data to boost operational efficiency and productivity,” said GoFactory founder and CTO Bryan Hughes.

Space-Time’s visual analytics applications use spatial, temporal and nodal analysis of IoT data to enable its clients to rapidly and easily comprehend massive amounts of complex information.