With bPay, it appears that shopping has moved beyond store merchandise, also embracing fashion when it comes to payment at the register.

British fast-fashion outlet Topshop just introduced their next collection of bPay contactless payment accessories which have been introduced into its UK stores, as well as online.  Apparently, this payment method is starting to increase in popularity.

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Two lovely bracelets, two adorable robot keyrings and two phone cases make up the newest collection, with prices ranging between $43 and $48, including a bPay NFC chip.  The design style includes snakeskin and metallic finishes and is considered the luxury collection, compared to its previous colorful Monster Fish series.

This previous, less expensive collection, which starts at $18 for stickers, is currently on sale, with Topshop giving the bPay wearables some nice exposure on its homepage.

Topshop also running a contest

If you have a UK-registered Visa or MasterCard, you can use bPay, which is comparable to Apple and Android Pay.  Similar to smartwatches, you can tap them to terminals wherever you’d use your contactless card, once it has been pre-loaded with $7 to $285.

Along with this new product launch, Topshop has also been running a month-long contest to hear ideas from wearable tech startups.  The startup winner will be awarded with the opportunity to present their product to Sir Philip Green, get the chance to secure investment and have Topshop stock its product.