With security and privacy on the top of the list of challenges that face the widespread adoption of IoT technologies, the Smart Card Alliance has announced that it would be forming a new Internet of Things Security Council to provide guidance and encourage the adoption of secure technologies that it believes could better address the needs of the IoT.

The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit association comprised of over 200 worldwide members across several industries. It invests in education in the areas of identification, payments, and other areas where smart card technology is commonly used.

For many interested in existing and emerging technologies in the area of smart cards, the Smart Card Alliance serves as a resource and driving force for smart card adoption, worldwide.

It organizes conferences and web seminars, forms councils that focus on improving smart card adoption and industry growth for specific industries, and offers educational resources including classes and certification programs.

With the Internet of Things growing at a breakneck pace, the Smart Card Alliance has decided to form a new council that focuses on bringing more secure architectures to the category.

It plans to do this through events, including the just-announced Security of Things conference being held this October in Chicago, Illinois.

“The Smart Card Alliance has a proven track record in bringing industries together to move technologies forward,” said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. “The Alliance aims to do the same with IoT.”

For the Alliance, it’s all about the booming IoT space

This council is part of a larger effort by the Smart Card Alliance to expand its reach into new industries that it believes benefits most from a more secure set Internet of Things technologies.

One example of this would be in contactless data and identification where wearables – even really small tattoo-like devices – would be used in medical or industrial applications.

“We want to encourage broad participation from IoT technology firms and device manufacturers to join the IoT Security Council. This is an ideal venue for organizations seeking an industry forum to promote security awareness, encourage the widespread adoption of security standards, and define best practices that will help protect and maintain privacy of IoT devices and the data they generate,” Vanderhoof added.