Popular navigation app Waze has introduced a transport SDK (software development kit) to enable third party developers to integrate Waze features into their own apps. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that is owned by Google and services over 50 million consumers.

The SDK is capable of supporting partners in countries where Waze has a presence and will be open to all types of partners including such as food delivery, taxis and valet parking. The first set of partners announced are Lyft, Genesis Pulse,JustPark, Cornershop, Cabify and 99Taxis. Using the SDK, the partner will be able to utilize Waze’s ETA, turn-by-turn navigation and choice of routing, all while reducing the friction of having to swap between apps – a common complaint amongst professional drivers.

Waze says that this new development is a win for the partners, service users, and the whole Waze community. Partners will be able to use the transport sdk to grow their business and build new features that will make their apps even better. Service users will appreciate fast and efficient transport routes. The extended community will benefit from the addition of thousands of drivers which will improve the Waze map and feed more data back into Waze.

The API is free but currently invite-only. As partners increase, Waze can only benefit from their data and engagement.