It just got a little easier for developers to improve the security in their coding projects. Twilio, a developer-friendly set of tools for creating SMS, voice, and voice-over-IP applications, has acquired Authy, a developer tool for implementing two-factor authentication.

Twilio claims to have more than 500,000 registered developers using its tools, and says that more than a million individual software applications use its platform in some way. As interest in mobile development soars, Twilio’s tool suite has become an SMS, MMS, and VoIP solution for enterprise and novice developers alike.

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It’s no surprise that such a mobile-focused company has opted for a highly mobile security solution. Authy’s two-factor authentication works by sending a token—typically a six or eight digit number—to a secondary device (mobile or desktop); the user must input both his or her password and the token to access to an account. Authy aims to make it easy for developers to integrate two-factor authentication into their apps.

Previously, Twilio users who wanted additional security in their apps needed to build their own two-factor authentication around Twilio’s SMS and voice services. Moving forward, Twilio users can do away with that hassle and choose Authy as a product option.

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This is Twilio’s first company acquisition, and neither CEO Jeff Lawson nor Authy CEO Daniel Palacio are revealing the financial details behind it. The entire Authy team, however, is coming on board as Twilio’s new authentication team, effective immediately.

Screenshot courtesy of Authy