Apple just removed one of the biggest irritations with its current iPhone software—the amount of free space on your handset required to install updates.

The latest release of its iOS mobile software, version 8.1.3, shrinks that storage requirement, which can vary depending on the specific iPhone or iPad model. Previous versions of iOS 8 forced many users—particularly those with 8GB or 16GB devices—to either delete apps, media or other data to make room, or connect their cables to perform a “tethered” iTunes sync. 

iOS 8.1.3 also promises to nix password issues for Messages and FaceTime, a Spotlight glitch that sometimes kept apps out of search results; and problems related to iPad multitasking gestures. The release notes also cover new configuration options for education standardized testing environments. 

For the most part, the update looks like a set of bug fixes. The next major version, iOS 8.2, which has entered its fourth beta for developers, will include support for Apple’s upcoming wearable, the Apple Watch. Analysis of that beta version reveals that the software will let Watch users customize watch faces, and include a passcode-protected lockscreen (and auto-unlock in the presence of a companion iPhone), among other things.

iOS 8.1.3 will apply to any device running iOS 8, which includes iPhones 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus; iPads 2 and later; and the iPod Touch, fifth generation.

Photos and screenshots by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite