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People describe the annual Consumer Electronics Show as just an excuse for adults to get weird. And after seeing some of this year’s newest gadgets, they’re 100 percent … accurate. Ahead, check out the funkiest, most random inventions that’ll make you ask where the heck they came up with this.

These Electronic Shoes

Despite how they look, these Rollkers electronic shoes aren’t made for skating. Oh no, no, no. They’re “under shoes” made for walking. Just strap them on, take some steps, and your average walking rate is supposed to increase to up to seven miles per hour. Thanks, but really—no thanks.

This Fat Belt

Let’s call this what it is: a smart belt that tells you when you’re gaining weight. It comes with motors that let the belt loosen itself as your waistline expands, which also acts as a message that you should slow your roll at dinner or get back to the gym. Not sure who would actually wear it, but hey—who are we to judge?

This Massager—For Your Eyes

Yup, this Breo eye massager exists, and you can buy it now for about $45. Just slip it on and feel air pressure, vibrations, and infrared heat come together to soothe your eyes.

This Breathing Chair

See this? It’s called an O2CHAIR from Innovzen, and it’s supposed to help you relax. A little device sits under your nose and emits oxygen—as you breathe, the chair moves up and down to help you breathe deeper. Preorder it now for $9,500 or, you know, spend that money on something more useful.

This Creepy Robot

Meet ChihiraAico, a robot created by Toshiba to communicate like a human (she sings! she waves!). She also gives off facial expressions and emotions, like happiness and sadness. It’s literally our childhood nightmare come true.

This Silly Exercise Chair

What you’re looking at is the Tao exercise chair. The main draw is arms that you push, pull, and move using your body to get a core workout in. We tried it at CES and found it pretty awkward and silly, so until something better comes along, we’ll gladly stick to the gym.

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