Dish Network trumpeted its plans today to bestow a new product on the populace in early 2015, namely Sling TV.

Sling TV will offer a selection of streaming TV channels for $20 per month. This includes ESPN, which as TV contracts for pretty much every sport to some degree or another. That’s why serious fans have pretty much needed cable or some workaround in order to catch their favorite teams up to this point. Now, with Dish Network offering ESPN streaming online, more would-be cable cutters can jump ship. At least, that’s what Dish hopes:

“Sling TV provides a viable alternative for live television to the millennial audience,” said Joseph Clayton, Dish president and CEO in a press release

The base package would include ESPN and ESPN 2, along with several high-profile cable channels like TNT and TBS. According to Dish Network, a series of $5 bundles will also be available, adding more channels that fit a certain theme (a children’s bundle and a news bundle have been mentioned so far, with plans for a sports bundle). 

Viewers can watch Sling TV over iOS and Android devices, and on their computers. Dish “expects” a Sling app to be avalable for Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google’s Nexus Player, certain smart TVs, Roku, and Xbox One.