Fans of ultrashort video, rejoice. You are no longer limited to Vine’s six-second shooting format or Instagram Video’s 15 seconds. Instead, the short-video app Ocho now offers—wait for it—eight-second videos (and an associated social network) for iOS users. 

Why does the world need another social network that’s two seconds longer than Vine? Ocho co-founder Jourdan Urbach said his company’s stems from research suggesting that the average person’s attention span is just eight seconds long. (That might explain more than he thinks it does.)

Urbach insists Ocho offers other differentiating features. For instance, it will let users upload more than eight seconds of video, then use a timelapse tool to scrunch the extra footage into the allotted timeframe. After the video is uploaded, users can also record voiceovers and filters to complete the final product. 

Ocho will let people autoplay the videos of other users they follow, thus eliminating the need to mash buttons every eight seconds. And it restricts its members to video-response comments. Text is exclusively used to hashtag or to tag other users to a video. 

While the app is only released on iOS right now, Ocho tells Android users to stay tuned for future updates. 

Images courtesy of Ocho