Facebook wants to make it easy for you to eliminate the junk in your Facebook news feed. On Friday, the social network announced deeper controls that help you remove posts and photos, and unfollow friends, groups or pages you like.

Now when you hide a story from your feed by clicking the top right drop-down menu, Facebook will give you the option to see less from the person or page, as well as the option to unfollow them entirely, so nothing they share will appear in the news feed.

In the news feed settings launched Friday, people or brands that appear most frequently in the news feed will show up at the top of the screen with an “unfollow” button next to them, and people you no longer follow will appear below, with the option to re-follow if you want them back in your feed.

Facebook has attempted to clean up the news feed with its own algorithms, putting greater emphasis on actual news stories and punishing the meme-sharing by making it appear lower in the news feed. But as more posts from friends and businesses appear on the Facebook, people may become inundated with garbage and clutter they don’t necessarily need to see.

With just a few taps, you can let Facebook know certain people or posts are unwelcome in your news feed—and if something’s no longer worth your time, you can push it out to make room for more of the endless stream of posts and photos all fighting for a place in the most important part of Facebook. 

The news feed settings are available today across desktop and mobile, and new options to hide or unfollow posts are rolling out in the coming weeks.

Image courtesy of Facebook