Google will help you make plans quicker and easier with its refreshed Calendar application launched on Monday.

Calendar’s update is the latest in Google’s efforts to create anticipatory apps that adjust to your behavior. In October, the company unveiled a revamped Google Play Music service that adjusts to the listener’s mood or preferences, and its new Inbox email application automatically sorts emails into different bundles, and will eventually learn how to sort users’ emails overtime.

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Calendar’s refreshed look fits in with Google’s “material design,” a flatter interface that streamlines the design across mobile and desktop operating systems.

New updates make it simple to create events right from emails, like vacations or flight plans, and a “schedule view,” pulls photos from places you’re going and illustrates different events with graphics like cocktails for happy hours on your calendar.

New suggestions, which Google calls “assists,” will predict different events and people you’ll be meeting up with, and learn your behavior overtime. For instance, if you regularly grab drinks at a specific bar with your friend Lauren on Tuesday, Google will suggest the entire event when you type “drinks.”

This top calendar app will work on Android 4.1+ devices and is available today on devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop. The update will be available to download on Google Play in the next few weeks, and the company said it’s also working on a version for iPhone.

Images courtesy of Google