IBM wants to help companies better understand trends and opinions by analyzing data in 140-characters or less. 

The technology giant announced a partnership with the hip, young Twitter on Wednesday that will offer Twitter data as part of its cloud-based services. Now IBM products and services, like the popular Watson Analytics, can tap into the stream of Twitter consciousness to answer questions like, “Why is my company growing so quickly in a particular country?”

According to Twitter, this partnership has been years in the making. Its acquisition of social data analytics startup Gnip earlier this year was crucial to the company’s plans to partner with enterprises and provide them huge amounts of data.

“This partnership, drawing on IBM’s leading cloud-based analytics platform, will help clients enrich business decisions with an entirely new class of data. This is the latest example of how IBM is reimagining work,” Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM said in a statement.

Lead photo by Anthony Quintano on Flickr