Amazon is ready to compete with Google thanks to its just-launched Fire TV Stick.

At $39, it is a tiny and affordable alternative to other streaming media options on the market. And good news for Prime users—it’s only $19 with free shipping until this Wednesday, October 29. 

Lest you think for a moment the Fire TV Stick is not a direct salvo at Chromecast, check out its very similar but slightly better stats. It has 8 GB of RAM, compared to Chromecast’s 2. On top of the WiFi technology that Chromecast also shares, it offers MIMO WiFi technology for the odd buyer who happens to have 802.11ac on their home network.

Most useful is that the Fire TV Stick ships with its own remote. This is a feature the Roku 2 and Apple TV share, but Chromecast, meanwhile, relies on buyers’ iOS or Android phone to serve as the remote control.

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Even as Amazon’s Fire TV launched this spring to lukewarm reviews, the Fire TV Stick may capture a larger audience with its bargain bin price and the assurance it brings that even if it tanks like so many other Amazon products, at least you got what you paid for.

Photo via Amazon