Surf the techno-Zeitgeist this Halloween with the latest costumes out of Silicon Valley. They’re sure to wow—or alarm—your trick-or-treating technophile friends.  

Apple’s Hair Force One

With his luxurious grey hair and affable smile, Apple’s VP of wear is the man every girl wants … as her dad. No wonder he’s the guy Apple trusts at its product unveilings. Father knows best! 

Snapchat’s Ghost As A Hobo (GoBo!)

Snapchat photos are supposed to be as ephemeral as the ghost in the company’s logo. But after “The Snappening,” when hackers dumped hundreds of thousands of Snapchat pics purloined from a third-party app, the $10 billion company claimed it couldn’t afford to secure its API.  Spooky!

Comcast Customer Corpse

Attempt to cancel your Comcast cable service and you may find your life slipping away the customer service representative tasked with retaining your patronage. Such was the fate of Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont in July, whose battle went viral after Block posted an audio sample of the stress-inducing conversation on SoundCloud.

Uber Recruiter

Uber Recruiter Spy Halloween Costume.

Uber takes corporate espionage to a whole new level with Operation Slog. Undercover agents are armed with burner phones to hail Lyft cars and a five-point pitch to convince Lyft drivers to defect. This costume is a great alternative if you want to play 007 super spy but can’t afford the tux rental. 


Sexism! Misogyny! Ethics! Threats of violence! Video games! It’s GamerGate! This year’s hottest Internet dust-up combines all the worst aspects of Internet culture with all the ugliest impulses of human nature (to achieve maximum redundancy). And it makes a great last-minute costume to boot! Cover yourself in rotten refuse and go! That’s pretty much GamerGate in a rank, festering nutshell.

Ello, The Social Network Of Mystery

Sure, you could be obvious and make a black-and-white cardboard smiley face, but even the Ello logo is too obvious if you really want to be the new social network nobody understands. Instead, just dress entirely grayscale, including your “Hello, my name is Ello” sticker tag. You’ll be instantly cool at that hipster Halloween party. Everyone will want to know you, even if they aren’t sure why.

Illustrations by Nigel Sussman for ReadWrite