Twitter launched a new feature for viewing and listening to audio cards directly inside your Twitter stream Thursday.

Product Manager Richard Slatter wrote that the new feature will be called Twitter Audio Cards, and will allow you to listen to music or audio while you continue to browse Twitter.

“With a single tap, the Twitter Audio Card lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices,” he wrote on the blog.

Slatter said that while many audio partners will follow, the first company to come to Twitter Audio Cards is Soundcloud, the company Twitter once considered buying. While the catalog obviously includes musicians—like Steve Aoki and deadmau5—users will also be able to listen to audio from @NASA, @WhiteHouse, @ThisAmerLife and more.

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Soundcloud wrote on its blog that while at first it will limit participation in Twitter Audio Cards to select creators, it will soon open the opportunity to everybody.

“And in the coming weeks, we’ll be making the cards available to anyone who posts on SoundCloud,” the company wrote. “Everyone using Twitter on mobile will be able to hear what you’ve shared right there in their timeline.”

Twitter’s announcement was immediately followed by a tweet from the Foo Fighters (audio link), which notes that iTunes is also partnering with Twitter Audio Cards.

Photo via Twitter