While plenty of people on Apple forums and Twitter claim that they’re going to wait to download Apple’s fix to its earlier fix (that failed), a handful of complaints are filtering in about iOS 8.0.2 issues.  

Multiple users in Australia are still reporting both Touch ID and cellular connection issues after installing iOS 8.0.2,” Mac Rumors reported, a complaint reflected on Reddit’s iOS 8.0.2 forum

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“DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE,” one Aussie-identified Redditor posted. “When I go to add a new finger i get a ‘Touch ID Failed’ message. Running a 128GB iPhone 6 plus.Very disappointed…” 

A handful of other Aussie posters echoed these complaints, with one presumably non-antipodes Redditor suggesting, “Turn the phone upside down?”

Touch ID and cellular connectivity on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the two fairly important features hobbled by Apple’s iOS 8.0.1, briefly available on Wednesday, then yanked once the early adopter complaints started rolling in. An apologetic Apple advised affected iPhone users to roll back to the original iOS 8, promising a fix “in a few days.”

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Apple’s release notes claim the new version should also take care of connectivity and Touch ID problems, as well as issues the previous update was supposed to address, including HealthKit bugs, keyboard glitches and other problems.

A handful of disgruntled iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners continue to complain otherwise. Stay tuned! 

Lead photo by Quinn Dombrowski.