Your Twitter profile is going to look a bit different to users on iPhones. 

On Thursday, Twitter rolled out a new look for user profiles on iPhones that puts user information—including profile photo, about section, and tabs for tweets, photos and favorites—all in one place. 

People will now be able to find out more about Twitter users with just a glance and the streamlined profile.

Instead of swiping at the top of Twitter profiles to see more information about a new follower, and tapping multiple times to view a person’s important information, you can now view it without switching windows. 

The tabs for tweets, photos and favorites are at the top of the new profiles, but once you start scrolling down the timeline, they’ll remain at the top of the screen for simple tabbing from one section to another.

iPhone users on iOS 7 and above should see the new profiles immediately. Twitter on iOS 8 will also now let you reply to tweets, follows or messages directly from an iOS 8 notification, thanks to new features in Apple’s mobile software.

There’s no word yet on whether or when Twitter might bring the new profiles to, or make use of active notifications on, Android.

Photo by Anthony Quintano; graphic courtesy of Twitter