You can now go back through your entire Twitter history to see how many people actually see your tweets, thanks to Twitter’s now publicly available Twitter analytics dashboard. (Check it out here.)


Originally reserved for advertisers and verified users, Twitter is making the dashboard available to everyone who uses the service.

The dashboard lets you see how many people saw your tweet; how many interacted with it by favoriting, replying, clicking on a link or retweeting; and the “engagement rate,” or the percentage of people who saw the tweet and actually interacted with it.

One downside, however, is that you can’t sort tweets by impressions or engagements—you’ll have to manually scroll through your entire history. (Another is that you can spend a lot of time obsessing over this stuff, at least if you’re a regular Twitter user.)

It’s a handy dashboard for figuring out which tweets are the most popular. By browsing through your past history, you may get a sense of how well future tweets may do. 

Lead illustration by Nigel Sussman for ReadWrite